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How was the weekend?  Anything exciting for the week?

I made a  bunch of jam and strawberry lemonade concentrate Saturday.  We also had a ball game.  6let's team finished 10-2 for the season.  Two more games at most.  Sunday we went swimming as a family and had a blast.

DH's class reunion is Saturday.  MIL is watching the kids and keeps asking me if we are going to her or if she is coming to us.  I KNOW why she is asking, but I keep telling her it's not my reunion and not my decision.  DH was waiting for tournament games and to see what his friends are doing.  I keep telling her I DON'T KNOW.  She asked 3 times at the game.  The second time I said "You can ask all you want, but my answer isn't going to change.  Take it up with your son."  The third time sFIL actually got annoyed and told her to drop it.  I get her annoyance, but this really is one decision I can't make. 

We're going to her place to swim Friday.  That timeline I have because I CAN make that decision.

We have swim lessons this week.  6let is doing so well I almost want to put him in the last summer session, but M2 would wonder why she's not doing it and I don't want that battle (or to spend that cash).  I don't know though. 


Re: Monday

  • The weekend was nice.  We had the weekend off from baseball games so we didn't really do much.  Yesterday we went to my niece's birthday party at a children's museum.  The kids had a blast.

    DH is taking me to see Jurassic World later this morning.  I'm pretty excited.

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    tawillers said:

    DH is taking me to see Jurassic World later this morning.  I'm pretty excited.

    Weekend was not what I expected.  I was putting DD to bed Thursday night when she complained that she had an eyelash in her eye and couldn't get it out.  I looked and didn't see anything, she fell asleep.

    Friday morning, she woke up crying that her eye hurt.  It definitely looked red and irritated, though fortunately not at all goopy, just a little watery.  Right eye was perfectly fine.  Hauled her to the pedi, who didn't find anything and gave us a prescription for ointment.  Unfortunately, he banned her from the pool until today, so she had to miss Saturday's meet and her swim class, and we couldn't go to the pool even for fun.  Fortunately, it was much better by bedtime on Friday, and completely clear the next morning.

    We went to my company picnic.  It was really hot.  Yesterday was Mommy-Wooz day, and all she wanted to do was play Legos with me in the playroom all day.  No outings, no treats, just Legos, Legos, Legos.  So that's what we did.  We built a house/castle of our own design and fully furnished it. 

    Today is Wooz's first day of morning swim practice and camp.  DH was doing drop-off today, and he was so flustered.  IDK why, but he made it through, anyway.  And her coach just sent an email that they will escort anyone who has morning camp at the Y after practice, so basically we just have to get her to practice, and then pick her up from her afternoon camp.  That was some welcome news.

    She has ceramics camp in the morning, and I just found out that on Friday they're doing a "showcase" for the parents.  Which is also when DS's class picnic is.  That's going to be some juggling.  IDK why I thought our schedule would be easier once school was out. 
  • Weekend was pretty good.  We went out to dinner on Friday and then did some shopping.  DH was looking for shoes, but didn't really find any.   We found plenty of other stuff.

    Saturday, shopping the morning for me.  I went out with a few girlfriends to celebrate my friend's upcoming wedding.  

    Sunday, we slept in.  DH and DefConn got haircuts.  We went to the cell phone store to see about upgrades.  I worked a little.  The kiddo's flight was delayed over 2 hours, but he's finally home.  :D  We all missed him.   

    DH has a phone interview today. 
  • Morning. Nothing new here- this weekend was all about packing and cleaning. We are making good progress and I think the inside of the house will be in pretty good shape for Wednesday when the realtor comes to talk about pricing, etc. The yard is DH's domain and who knows what will happen there.
  • Weekend was pretty busy, but also pretty laid back if that makes sense at all. We brought our puppy (Sif) home on Friday. She is only 7 weeks old, and is tiny - about 8lbs. She has been very well behaved so far and is doing great with housebreaking and crate training. We spent most of the weekend at home, so she (and Wiggles) got a ton of playtime. They seem to be getting along pretty well, (she's not taking any crap from him) but we won't be keeping them together until she gets a little older/bigger and is fully housebroken. I have pictures posted to FB, so if we're friends, you can see them. 

    I also tried to figure out something to do with the okra from my farm share (CSA), so I made gumbo, yesterday, using Emeril's recipe. (Although his didn't use okra so i just added it with the rest of the veggies.) It was fantastic.First time I ever made a roux, and my arm got a good workout. most of the veggies were from our farm share, and I used a local venison smoked sausage. highly recommend:
  • We had the parent's 50th Anniversary party on Saturday...  It ended up turning out well, if only too short (we had a 2-hour window because my parents wanted to attend the 7PM mass because the intention was for the living & deceased members of the extended family)..  Of course, basically doing 100% of the details myself made for one frazzled Mesmr, but other than a couple curve balls (Sam's didn't deliver the napkins I ordered which were suppose to arrive last Tuesday until today, then the hall described what their cake options were for the dessert buffet and I gave the "I can't have that kind of cake attached to my name" ((I'm a cake snob))moment and had to scramble to put something together at the last second, vases I bought on the recommendation of Sam's where I ordered the flowers from were far too small for the centerpieces so had to replace them at the last second, setup took forever because I had the little guy there instead of DH taking him, my asthma was flaring, etc.) it turned out o.k. and I unexpectedly ended up thousands of dollars under budget, so that was the best part of it all...  My aunt called my Mom to say how impressed she was with what I did to the hall (I did linens on the tables then bought red napkins to use for contrast and had a neat fold done to spruce it up a bit) 

    The saddest part of the weekend was I visited my Godparents who moved into a nursing home since I had been down there last.  My Godmother is nothing but skin and bones to almost a scary extent of wondering if she's getting proper nutrition.  DH was in NO mood to stick around for small talk and getting grouchier by the second and my Godmother had such a sad look in her eyes when we were leaving...  The heartbreaking look - I just sensed she could use someone to pick her up and take her somewhere to either lunch or just the park even to de-stress (her husband took a turn such that he barely gets up to walk anymore)...  Then DH wanted to visit the original farmstead which was a mile back on a dead end road...  My gosh how much that has changed since the last time I was there - kind of a downer as well...

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