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Globe Lights?

Hello knotties!

My wedding is in two weeks and I realized my fiance never confirmed any of the lighting for the terrace at our venue, which is where we'll be having dinner, first dance, etc. Was wondering if anyone had some globe lights I could buy or borrow? I have almost no money left in my budget and I'm in a bit of a jam! I know you can get them for $80/100 ft on Amazon but I was really hoping for something less expensive. I need 300-400 feet. I couldn't find them for rent anywhere, but if someone knows where I could rent the actual lights from, that would also be good!

I was also wondering if anyone has had any experience with making poles to hang string lights from overhead and what works best and doesn't look ugly? Any help much appreciated!! TIA!

Any help

Re: Globe Lights?

  • You are best to post this on your local boards or if you post where that is one of the Mods can move this. 

    There are incredibly affordable lighting options that don't involve renting that will get the job done with a trip to Menards, Lowe's, or Home Depot for less than you're going to spend on rentals.  But seriously, have your FI call/confirm on the rentals for the Terrace - there's still time but you've got to get a move on it!

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