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Dairy Free Wedding


Re: Dairy Free Wedding

  • I cannot have dairy either and I have been so worried I will get sick at the wedding.  I talked to the caterer and she said they will make me a separate plate so that I am sure all my food is dairy free.  This seemed like the best option so that our guests could enjoy all the dairy they want.  I would ask your caterer if they could do the same thing.  They will pretty much go out of their way to ensure the bride is happy.  Good luck with everything!!!
  • MegEn1MegEn1 member
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    Our wedding is peanut free because FI has a peanut allergy. I don't see this as much different as long as you can still come up with good non-dairy foods as opposed to ... I don't know some sort of weird funky dairy-ish replacement that took you two years to develop a taste for. 

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  • PrettyGirlLostPrettyGirlLost A Land Filled with Unicorns and Cat Hair member
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    I think the best suggestions were those offering a compromise- have some dairy free items for the OP, but then have "regular" foods as well.  I'd be very pissed if I couldn't have cream in my coffee, butter for my rolls, cheese on my pasta, etc.  I love dairy and cheese, sorrynotsorry.

    Plus, there's a difference between being lactose intolerant- where you don't produce enough of the enzyme to digest lactose, and having an actual allergy to dairy foods.  My co worker has the latter and any small amount of dairy will cause a total arrest of intestinal peristalsis for days, which is out of this world painful.  The former can be manged via enzyme supplements and other medications.

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  • KahlylaKahlyla Moncton, NB member
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    I don't think it would actually be that odd in execution. The Orthodox Jewish weddings we've been to have all been dairy-free, because they were choosing to serve meat so couldn't do both. I think there was chicken, pasta, salads, soup, bread with hummus and olive oil for dipping, dessert spreads... I don't really remember, but I do recall it was just very normal, traditional banquet food. You wouldn't even really realize there was no dairy (can't recall if coffee was served with dessert or not, though).

    But if keeping Kosher isn't an issue, I agree that it wouldn't be hard at all to have things like cream and butter on hand to go with coffee, tea, and bread. All of those can be found of the individually-packaged variety like you see in restaurants.
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