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  • TBH, @lildropofsunshine i have given you some serious side-eye in previous posts.

    I could go thru and disagree with you on many of the things said above, but thats only because our dealbreakers are different. In fact, FI and I often disagree on some political points and have different religions. Nevertheless, FI and i are very much in love and our differences only give us both more opportunity to grow.

    As far as the "my day" (or even "mine and FIs day") goes. . That attitude is an unpopular one here because it is often used by bridezillas who is it as an excuse to put their vision over guest comfort or for breaking wedding etiquette. For instance, not having enough chairs/food/cake, but having $800 worth of flowers, an expensive designer gown, and an ice sculpture. "I know there isnt enough food but its MY day and i want an ice sculpture and if they love me they will understand." <-- nope.

    Im not saying you have done this, just a warning not to for you and lurkers. I think some PPs have the opinion that having a thanksgiving wedding is doing this, but as long as you dont expect a big turn out and wont hold grudges towards guests who cant be there. There are few (and i mean literally 3) people i would go to their wedding on a holiday like that. I know oh-too-well that we dont know how long we will be here on Earth with our family members and thanksgiving is a huge deal for my family.

    That being said people have holiday weddings all the time. I dont think thats terrible. My bday is also a major holiday. Just means no parties the day of. Whatevs. :)
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