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To smash or not to smash


Re: To smash or not to smash

  • @sunflowersandcurls Thankfully one of her bridesmaids had done her make-up and was able to do the necessary touch-ups during the salad course.  I'm guessing they will have lots of cake cutting photos with horrified guests in the background.
  • That's good that she had her girls on queue. What a way to start your marriage (not!)
  • alhaley88alhaley88 member
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    edited August 2015
    NOPE! I think its incredibly tacky....

    A. Cake is expensive for a wedding
    B. THE DRESS & Accessories
    C. Expensive Makeup
    D. WHY? What is the point other than to humiliate each other in front of friends and family?

  • No smashing for us, either. We bought cute little forks to feed each other cake. He knows that if he smashes cake in my face, I'm going to smash my fist into his junk.
  • So glad to read all the responses! I was wondering about this "tradition" myself...and in no way do I want to remotely ruin my hair, makeup and dress! I can breathe a sigh of relief...lol
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  • FYI, I told my mom about this thread & her words about smashing where, "shockingly inappropriate". So there you have it!
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