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Moving tables with settings?

Hi! First time poster here...

My wedding ceremony and reception are both going to take place under the same tent (A large sailcloth tent by the ocean). In order to make this work, when the ceremony is over, 4 or 5 tables need to be moved into the open area that held the ceremony, and the chairs will be moved to the tables.

So... when I set the tables, should I hold off on glasses to make it easier to move the tables (no risk of them falling, etc)? That would mean just chargers, napkins, and silverware for table settings, right? Thanks!!

Re: Moving tables with settings?

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    You... The bride...are moving tables? 
    I'm just checking if you and other guests are doing the labor or if you're hiring professionals.

  • If you are using a company, they should have a plan for this. If you are moving them yourself with help, don't set the glasses. You may not want to be the ones to move the tables as this will cut into your time to be with your guests.

  • Sorry if that wasn't clear, but I'm not moving the tables myself. I'm still in the process of choosing my caterer, but I am going to see if their staff would be able to do it. If not, I will designate people to do it.
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