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DIY win

I'm doing silk flowers to help save on price. I found really nice pre-made silk bouquets online that look like this: 

I ordered one to try it out, and was very pleased with the quality. They should be perfect for me and the BMs. Added a few extra flowers I got from Hobby Lobby to get this as a finished product:

Was waiting to buy the rest of the bouquets and do them in stages to help save on money -- each one was about $20, which was still a good deal in my mind, but easier to do two at a time or so. BUT, just saw a closeout sale on them, and snagged the remainders for $12 each. And remembered to get one extra so I can use it for a bouquet toss. DIY as a money-saver win. 

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Re: DIY win

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    Very pretty. Really like the color combination.
  • Thanks! I like to think of it as a Renior-style palette -- mostly calm hues but with a pop of bright color. I am pretty pleased with the outcome and think it should go with the BMs dresses nicely (some have green dresses, some have peach). 

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  • Lovely! Love silk flowers and how nice to have an element checked off the to-do list! 
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