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Will this be boring or offensive to guests?

Getting married 3/26/16.  Most of the guests will be coming in from out of town.  We are paying for everything ourselves, so we are hosting and inviting about 45 people.  Would this be boring to you:

Doors open at 4pm; 5pm wedding ceremony; 5:30-6:30 cocktail and appetizer hour/photos; 6:30-7:30 buffet style dinner with cake cutting by 8pm; reception wrap up with a ribbon wand exit between 8 and 9pm.  No garter or bouquet toss; no dancing; no alcohol; no children; no wedding party.  There will be a "selfie wall" decorated and well lit for any parties that would like to take photos.  Toasts will be made by 2-3 close friends.  We are hoping people will keep themselves company with good conversation over dinner.  Music will be playing pre-ceremony and during the reception and cocktail hour, but just in the background and not necessarily for dancing. 

What do you think?  Would you be entertained at this type of reception or would you prefer some additional activities?

Re: Will this be boring or offensive to guests?

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    I'm not an etiquette expert but I don't think it's boring or offensive. Garter/bouquet toss, dancing, children, or wedding party are not required.

    I would make sure to talk to each person at some point during the evening.  

    I know you're on a budget and I don't know your guests but I'd strongly consider at least buying a couple bottles of wine for each table.  As a guest that would really make me (and my friends and family) have a better time.
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  • We are nixing alcohol because we don't want sloppy, crazy drunks being loud on our special day.  Unfortunately there a few people who would not know where to stop.  Additionally, serving alcohol would cost us extra at our venue on top of finding funds in the budget to purchase multiple bottles of good quality wine.  It just wouldn't be economical.

    I am definitely not a party person and I am the first in my circle of friends to get married so I cannot speak from experience.  Would people really not be able to enjoy themselves during a 2 hour dinner without alcohol?

  • Maybe you could include some sort of games. Pinterest has wedding party game ideas. To be honest it does sound a bit boring. I would find a way to bring a little entertainment to the party.
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