montreal wedding catering for 50/pp?:S

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so...we are VERY late in the game here with an extremely limited budget and i'm panicking a bit since i feel like we're probably going to have to end up cooking food ourselves....we've been sticker shocked at the price per person...we thought a budget of 3000 for 60-75 people would be more than enough for decent bbq or michoui..but apparently it's not....we don't want fancy..we just want tasty:) vanilla twist is the only place we really found in our budget (stretched to the maximum) but they are booked solid. i'm currently in contact with bouquet garni but after advising our budget (plates are 25pp-35pp) she hasn't gotten back to me so i think with service fees it's probably out of our price range.

fyi...I've been laughed at by caterers...a lot....:P

we also spoke with las olas and although they can do it, we only get 1 side and chicken..buffet style.. lol...we've got about 6 months to go..we have no idea what to do...any suggestions besides cooking ourselves or moving the wedding?;/
i'm already making the wedding cake and having close relatives not in the wedding party make the cocktail food..i don't want to impose anymore... booze is not included in the pricing for 50pp, we have that arranged already(open bar for wine and beer byob venue with diy cocktails served before dinner).. our wedding is at maison pitfield in august...there is a full catering kitchen and charcoal bbq...we're open to any suggestions right now..including providing meat and groceries for someone who just cooks and serves if we find someone who would do that for under 2500...just not really sure where to look...we are a super chill group..the wedding is also very relaxed (and mostly diy) we just want decent grub without having to cook ourselves or have our guests do anything further than we've already asked:)


Re: montreal wedding catering for 50/pp?:S

  • in case any others are in the same situation, wanted to let you know we found a really great caterer. we went with pastamore and we have cocktail food and a great sit down dinner for our budget. they're in ddo and mtl blog named them one of the top 10 secret food spots in montreal so we're super happy:)
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