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Wedding Woes


Dear Prudence, 
I’m in college and have spent the past year trying to set up my roommate with one of my classmates (they are perfect for each other). It now seems as if that will finally pay off, as they have a date coming up—I’m so psyched for them! There is one problem though: I’ve been sleeping with said classmate. Both of us have been going through a rough patch and have been using each other as comfort, but there are no feelings involved whatsoever—we are just very good friends (I have an amazing long-term boyfriend, who knows and understands all of this). Now that my roommate and classmate are getting together, the sex element of my friendship with my classmate is over, but there’s already been awkwardness with my roommate—I think she wants me to stop hanging out with my classmate (who’s also my best friend here). Is there a way I can reassure my roommate that I’m not interested without having to lose my best friend?

—Love Triangle

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