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  • well this has been fun, but  I am off to an appointment with my planner, anyone care to join me?

  • well this has been fun, but  I am off to an appointment with my planner, anyone care to join me?

    Nope.  I have an appointment with a bottle of beer.  But you have fun.
  • beer...stay classy!
  • well this has been fun, but  I am off to an appointment with my planner, anyone care to join me?

  • beer...stay classy!
    Yep, because anyone who would even think about drinking beer is a classless fool. Obviously. I only drink prosecco, as any real lady would.
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  • Isn't the Knot for people getting married and not for people who are already married?
    Why would you want advice from people getting married and not people who have been through the planning of a wedding? Talk about the blind leading the blind...

  • Isn't the Knot for people getting married and not for people who are already married?
    The Knot provides great advice for those getting married, but it doesn't mean you have to abandon ship once you are a Mrs. I like to think of it like surgery ... you wouldn't want the newbie doing your surgery, so why would you want advice from people who have never been married? 
  • For the record, my FI has been very involved with planning. He's asked to go to every appointment, he picked napkin colors ans table runner colors, and what types of crystal. To some men a wedding is just as important, so don't suggest weddings aren't something men dream about.

    Also, I think you sound incredibly childish and maybe you should ask for parental consent before you internet.

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    Naturally, I came for the fresh title. DDs are an opiate that lure me in.

     I was bored and confused by the DD and its first couple of follow ups, but OP's trolly quips did at least provide a hint of amusement. I don't think I'd recommend her to a friend, though.

    Asking if TK was supposed to be for engaged or marrieds kept her from advancing to a unique and interesting level. 

    ETA: Seriously, OP, I don't understand your question, either. There is no list of meetings or events the grooms "typically" attend. Some grooms care, and some don't. Some want to attend tastings and meetings with florists to discuss centerpieces, and some don't. My husband just wanted me to run things by him. Do you like this kind of food? What do you think of these invitations? What flavor cake do you want? Beyond that, I did everything myself. If your groom has said he'll attend whatever you want him to, then just ask him to go to whatever you want him to go to. Simple.
    What did you think would happen if you walked up to a group of internet strangers and told them to get shoehorned by their lady doc?~StageManager14
  • My FI requested to go to every meeting including the florist.  I'm planning everything (as I'm more organised) but it's his wedding too and wants to approve all decisions.  Obviously.  Particularly as he's picking up half the bill!

    The only appointment he hadn't gone to is for my wedding dress.  
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    I want beer now. 

  • Going out for lunch in a few and I think I will have a beer!
  • Beer isn't classy? There are some pretty fancy shmancy beers out there these days.
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    I'm beered out after Friday, but proudly still in the class level of beer so I'm bringing Trader Joes wine to FFILs for dinner.  But not Two Buck Chuck, that's wine cooler level. 
  • Is beer not classy?? This thread is confusing.
    It is as long as you stick your pinky finger out when taking a sip.  


    Not classy...

    Ah thanks for the clarification!!!! It all makes sense now!
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    I also came for the DD.

    This thread is so confusing- there wasn't even anything to disagree about!?!?!?

    P.S. I found the vendors, but DH came to all but 2 of the appointments with me (because he couldn't physically make it).

    P.P.S. *I* did not give a damn about what colour the napkins were.
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