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Are inner envelopes a must?

I found an invite design that I really like, however, it does not come standard with inner envelopes.  Will this be an issue and how will I go about addressing the envelopes without the inner?

We are not having any plus ones, only invited significant others so I'm not sure if that helps or not.


  • They aren't necessary but do lend to the formality of the invitation. You would address the only envelope with the invitees names.

    Mr. John Doe and Ms. Jane Smith
    Mr. and Mrs. John Doe

    If you are inviting children you would list their names also.

    Mr. and Mrs. John Doe
    Miss Anna Doe
    Mr. John Doe, Jr.

    Technically a young male child should be addressed as Master Jim Doe, but I think that is falling out of favor. Also, SOs not living together are to receive separate invitations. However, I know a lot of times they are addressed together as the first example above. I personally think it is a victimless crime. 
  • I know you said you aren't doing plus ones but in case you change your mind for someone, I included a short note with the invitation that said "dear guest name, you are invited to bring along a guest to the wedding. Please let us know their name when you RSVP." The outer envelope was just addressed to the guest. 
  • Inner envelopes are not necessary.  They are a tradition held over from the past.
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