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The venue I am most interested in has a package of 5900 including tables, chairs, and a 3 hour TOTAL event time, including ceremony. We're only having a dessert reception, but I'm worried this won't be enough time. We'll do almost all our pics beforehand, ceremony at 7, ceremony end around 7:20, and have all of our guests walk over to the barn (it's not very far, maybe a 10 minute walk for the VERY slow walkers), and start our reception festivities around 7:30. The event end time would be 10 o'clock, when all the vendors would start tearing town. 

Is this a reasonable amount of time for a wedding? Has anyone done this? I'm concerned it will be too short. It would cost $500 for an additional hour, but I feel like 5900 is borderline too much already. 

Re: Short Reception

  • LondonLisaLondonLisa London, UK member
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    I agree. For a 7pm wedding I would definitely expect dinner.

    A few questions:
    - are you sure 3 hours excludes setting up and breaking down.
    - can you start later (such as at 8:30?) 
    - Can you have your ceremony elsewhere and then start your 3 hours just for your reception. 
  • MyNameIsNotMyNameIsNot Atlanta member
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    If you're doing this at 7:00, you need to serve dinner.

    For dessert only, start the ceremony at 8:30 or 9. The late hour will help clue people in that it will be a short event. 
  • Short event is perfectly fine! Won't take more than an hour to eat- particularly with dessert, but I'm thinking a leisurely cake and coffee/tea with conversation. Then the rest of the time is for socializing.

    But I do agree that 7pm is venturing in to dinner hour. I would have your ceremony at 8pm. Walk to the barn. Perhaps a toast to start, dessert served by 9pm.
  • I'd definitely expect dinner if the ceremony started at 7.  Ditto PP to try and push it back.  A short, dessert-only reception at the appropriate time is totally fine.
  • What they all said. 

    Short is fine. Dinner time event with no dinner is not fine. 
  • Agreeing with PP's. Short is fine but, an 8pm start time is more appropriate to a dessert-only reception. Talk to your venue and find out if those 3 hours include or exclude set up & tear down time. 
  • DrillSergeantCatDrillSergeantCat Oklahoma City, OK member
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    Knowing what's around OK, that's pretty high for that short amount of time. If you're looking for that rustic feel, there are other more affordable options that will cost you less. 
  • 10 minute hike - imagine it taking place during a hail storm... How's that 10 minute walk working for your guests?  Vision never trumps guest comfort.  Agree with the PP, for dessert reception, it needs to be later or mid-afternoon.  Three hours for that price is high IMO.
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