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  • When you plan an event you have to make choices. Not being willing to make the choices is where a lot of people go wrong with their wedding planning. Often we hear about people who want a small, intimate wedding...but they want to invite everyone they've ever met to party with.  You need to pick one. You can't have everything. Choices like this should be thought of the same way. You want a brunch reception? Great, have a brunch reception. You want an evening reception? Great, have an evening reception. But make the choice. 

    It helps to remember that this is not the only party you're ever allowed to throw. 
  • I've really enjoyed weddings that I've been to that have had brunch for dinner. They certainly covered the protein base and there were so many different options. The last one had the following: hard boiled eggs/scrambled eggs/quiche/omelette station, three different kinds of potato preparations, carved ham, two different kinds of sausage, several different preparations of veggies, French toast, waffles, pancakes, fried chicken (which several guests put together with waffles), yogurt parfait station, fruits, breads and 'kid cereals' which were a huge hit. I thought that it looked like it was quite an expensive spread and I had zero issues. My H dislikes brunch for dinner and found that he had fun and enjoyed the offerings.
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