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I decided to make bacon this morning because I didn't want just eggs.  I was really hungry, but it was worth the wait.  My omlette and bacon are so beautiful. ;)

DH needs a new fucking job.  I think he's applying for jobs right now.  Cross those crossables because I will lose my mind if something doesn't change. 

I gained *some* headway on wrapping last night.  But I looked in my present closet and realized how far I still have to do.  *sigh* 

I cannot wait to be off the week after Christmas.  Our busy season is 1st quarter and having that week off before shit gets crazy is invaluable. 

What's up for you today?


Re: Tuesday

  • Your breakfast sounds so yummy, mrsconn! 

    Good luck to your H! 

    It's a slow week at work (first one since May - so I am savoring it!) I was supposed to go to the Women's Conference on Thursday, but just found out this morning that even though I had requested my name be put on the list to attend back in June, it was never put on the list. Which is really frustrating. One of the women speaking is a survivor of rape, and as a survivor myself, I was really looking forward to her message.

    H & I were going to decorate the tree last night, but traffic was so insane due to the "snow" that we were just exhausted. We plan to decorate the tree tonight, which I am looking forward to!

    Also, Christmas gifts that I ordered online started arriving yesterday, so our living room looks like a very festive Santa's Workshop. I love wrapping gifts and I have a plaid theme for wrapping paper this year. I can't wait to start wrapping!
  • @mrsconn23 - Fingers crossed for your H! Also, bacon sounds delicious

    @Heffalump  I'm dying at the image in my head of your DS taking the cat's temperature

    @charlotte989875  Good vibes for your H!

    Currently working at home, waiting for the Lowe's guy to deliver our new washing machine. Last time they delivered something, they were 15 minutes early and I was so pleased. The delivery window for today is 8:30 to 10:30 and it's already 9:15 with no call that they're on their way. Once they get here, install and leave, I'll be off to work. H and I need to finalize the rest of the gifts for our family tonight so I can order them or task H with buying and be done with it.
  • We moved into our house in August and ever since we've been playing Garbage Roulette weekly.  

    Sometimes they pick up the trash, sometimes they don't.  Sometimes they pick up the recycling, sometimes they don't.  Sometimes the garbage men pick up the recycling.

    Over the summer I thought the issues had to do with commuters using the local busway parking all up the street and blocking our cans.

    But it's winter now, and the street is empty of commuters and last week they didn't get our garbage.  This week is a recycling week too, so we have our two blue cans out with our recycling in blue trash bags, separated from our plain brown garbage can by a car length.

    I see the garbage truck go by. . .I go out to go to work, one of our recycling cans is knocked over and empty.  The one beside it is full.  Our garbage can is full.  The neighbors' garbage cans are empty.  Our neighbors' recycling cans are full.

    JFC.  I already called Waste Management. . .they are a permanent contact in my phone.  It's anyone's guess if they will pick up the rest of the recycling today.

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  • Oh @Heffalump I am so enamored with you and your proper use of think rather than thing. <3<3

    I went to the doctor yesterday and I have a sinus infection. I've been trying to power through it since Thanksgiving, but it's so bad that I throw up every day from it. He told me that it was not going to clear up on its own so now I'm on a 10-day round of amoxicillin.

    Last night was rough and I feel like a failure. Mouse has a cold. His little nose is just raw from daycare wiping it so much yesterday. Usually, we get home, he has a bottle, and takes a nap. Last night (which was a repeat of Friday) he refused a nap and, instead, spent two hours screaming at me. The only time he didn't scream was when I had the Little Einsteins Blast Off song on constant loop. I've found my breaking point is two hours of being screamed at before I literally break down into tears which Mouse finds hilarious. H came home last night to me a sobbing, hiccuping mess at which point Mouse was a perfect angel. I went to the grocery store and cried in the car for another 15 minutes before I went in.

    Nothing on the schedule today other than paying bills. Tomorrow though...I have an ultrasound appointment, followed by an OB appointment, followed by an orthopedist appointment for H, followed by back surgery for mom, and breast biopsy for cousin. Which reminds me...I found out yesterday that I have an aunt and a great aunt (my mom's aunt) who had breast cancer so I really need to get a mammogram. I was supposed to get a baseline one at 35 and didn't. Now my cousin might have breast cancer. 
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    I'm  LOLing at DS taking the cat's temp. I love y'all's kids stories because they're not all "my kid is so great" or the "only my kid would X" like your kid is the only weirdo. They're just funny conversational stories about kids doing random funny shit and I love it.

    Good job vibes for all husbands involved (and knotties!)!

    My sister is in the hospital. She gets the worst migraines and can't see. Sunday night her left eye was getting kinda droopy and shit. She coincidentally had a lady doc appointment yesterday and they sent her to urgent care, who sent her to the ER. ER can't find anything actually wrong (thankfully) but also can't reduce her headache even a little. They were concerned about her eye so they kept her. I'm cranking out a few hours of work and then going over there, hopefully to bring her home.

    My sister is a badass and probably the most secure single person I've ever known. She don't need nobody for nothin'. But I wonder how all the hospital questions affected her - since she was admitted, they had to ask about her living will and shit like that. I'm sure it hit her that our mom isn't here to pull her plug if necessary. And I'm wondering if she's thinking that she's single so now who the fuck will? I'm happy to be her emergency contact and to drive her home and get her pajama pants and shit like that but holy balls. I never thought about the serious shit and I wonder if she has.

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  • Good luck to your H too, @charlotte989875!

    @Heffalump - your story about the temperature taking was adorable. I have the warm and fuzzies :-)

    @PrettyGirlLost your "garbage roulette" sounds exactly like the game we had to play every week in our previous city. Garbage people would take the recycling - or nothing at all. On yard waste weeks, the yard waste people would "conveniently" forget our street. And then the bags would get knocked over or the leaves would blow out and back into our yards again. Arrrgh. 
  • @mrsconn23  I feel you on the "if you don't get a new job, I will lose it" thing. I friggen hate M's work still. Also, I'm coming for breakfast tomorrow ;)

    @Heffalump  patient cat for letting him take it's temp ;)

    @charlotte989875  Vibes for Mr. Charlotte and for presentation later!

    @DrillSergeantCat  boo sinus infection, but at least you have something to clear it up :( Poor Mouse :( Vibes for all the appts tomorrow!

    Not much last night. Came home to finding someone had plowed our driveway! Not sure who - neighbour or condo corp? - but we were looking around to see if others had been done to see who. We just wanted to thank them.

    M had to go to his buddy's place to get a torque wrench case that his buddy didn't need. We ended up getting two small candle holders that are more winter-y than Christmas-y. Our friends are going thru xmas stuff and offering stuff for people, so I thought it was nice of them :)
    I put tealight candles in, and sent my friend a picture to show her where I put them {front hall table}

    Otherwise I made mashed potatoes and did laundry.

    Tonight is much of the same likely. I want to make a list of things still needed for xmas shopping {which isn't much} and list for groceries.
  • @PrettyGirlLost  are they really messing it up or is the schedule in midst of changing? I know when we moved, it was a weird schedule and we've fucked it up twice {pick up on certain things aren't every week} If they aren't sticking to schedule, can you go higher than Waste Management and get it fixed?

    @ShesSoCold  vibes for your sister! Being an only child, my parents put in their living will that if 2 drs say that if a plug is pulled, the person won't live then it can be done without having family to give permission. Could she look at doing that? This way it saves everyone the heartache
  • Update on the delivery front - guys won't be here until a little after 11 am. Over half an hour past my delivery window. Wouldn't be an issue except by the time they're done, I get out the door and get to work, I'll only be there for a few hours to turn around and come home (45 minute drive each way). If they're going to be late, I'd rather have them be reallllly late so I don't have to bother going in.
  • Also, good luck to @mrsconn23's and @charlotte989875's Hs!  And healthy vibes for speedy and full recovery to your sister, @ShesSoCold.  

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    @Heffalump, I am cracking up at your description of a childrens' pageants.

    @charlotte989875, good luck to your H!!!

    @ShesSoCold, I hope everything is okay with your sister!  I remember you all took an Uber on Sunday because that was when the migraine was coming on.  Has it been going on continuously since then?  Yikes.

    Yesterday's drive home was an unbelievable s**t show.  We don't even need snow to make driving a nightmare.  And I was even heading home at 6PM, not even the brunt of rush hour.  First, the light for a major intersection was out and blinking red.  Cars were backed up forever and at a standstill.  I finally get through that.

    Then I get to my next intersection, which is off a weird little side road.  Normally, there is an enormous line to turn right.  Except I turn left, so I can usually get right up to the light.  But the right lane was closed.  So ALL those cars are now in my way.

    Then it is off to the usual road construction that will have the right lane of a major artery closed for months.  Right before every one has to slow down to a crawl, because they ripped the cross street to shreds six months earlier and left it that way.  With 1-2" ledges in the road.  But at least I am already familiar with and expecting the insanity for that portion.

    I get home to find my latest HELOC statement with a $1,053 bank error NOT in my favor.  At least I hope it is an error.  I call customer service.  They transfer me to a fax line.  I call back two more times.  Only to finally find out, after 15 minutes, that the mortgage department customer service closed at 5PM.  What the serious f**k?!?!  And it isn't until I get to the THIRD CS person that someone finally knows this?  I. CAN'T. EVEN.

    Perhaps I should just be impressed I didn't get my statement on a Friday evening.  When I would have had to wait over two days to get an answer.  That's usually the MO when I get bad news from companies/agencies that are only open M-F.

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  • Hugs and positive healing vibes for you and your sister, @ShesSoCold!!

  • I found some I like on Amazon, but lots of reviewers complained about them coming broken.  Guess I will roll the dice.

    On the plus side, I have received a couple of broken or damaged items from Amazon before, and they've been really great about replacing them.  Once I got a shipping confirmation for the replacement within a couple of hours, and it arrived the next day.

    Alternately, have you tried Crate & Barrel?  They usually have a good assortment of pitchers in different styles.

  • @saintpaulgal - fingers crossed for your dad!  I'm glad they were able to identify the bug.
  • Thank you for the update on your dad, @SaintPaulGal! Sending good vibes his way :)
  • @ShesSoCold I'm so sorry about your sister. That is really scary. Sending lots of thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

    @PrettyGirlLost We are still playing Garbage Roulette at my house over a year and a half after buying it. We've finally got it to where the trash guys *usually* pick up our garbage on the regularly scheduled day of the week. But if there's a holiday, forget it. Our trash pick up is supposed to be delayed by a day the week of any holiday. They never ever pick it up. I even leave it at the road a few days in advance and a few days after. Still never happens. And it does virtually no good to call them, because they'll say "oh the soonest they can come back out is Tuesday" which is only 2 days before our normal pickup day. At that point we might as well just wait. It's ridiculous.

    @mrsconn23 @charlotte989875 good luck to your H's!

    Morning! I just got moved into my new office. My boss loves to rearrange everyone all the time. This time it worked out in my favor. I'm in an office at the front of the building (AKA furthest away from all the dramatic people), and it even has a window. Woohoo! Other than that, things are pretty calm and good today. The owner of the company is currently in a meeting with management discussing hiring an HR person, which we desperately need. I'm still hoping to get out of here, but if it takes longer to find a new job than expected I'd at least like to have an advocate.

  • I must now brag of my utter brilliance.

    It has been vexing me that automatically shows me Boston when I pull it up.  I've been like, "WTF!!  I checked Boston a few times before I traveled there three months ago.  You know I check NOLA a 1,000x more often,  Why are you messing with me?"  I finally figured out how to keep Boston from popping up.

    After being on the phone with my bank for 50 minutes, with the previously mentioned HELOC disaster, I finally, finally, finally figured out what had happened.  Not due to the rep's help at all, though she was trying.  I just finally noticed that the interest charged had NOT been added to the balance, like it usually is.  In this case, it shouldn't have been.  Now it made perfect sense.  But it was extremely confusing and upsetting to look at.  I changed my due date a few weeks ago and my statements made it look like I had been charged interest twice.  But I hadn't.  I even had to break out the calculator (rolling eyes).

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  • @Heffalump  Wooz's kitten sounds like the cats I grew up with. They weren't fans of kids except me. I would accessorize them also, the younger of the two {both are passed away now} very often got a crown on his head {pink. fluffy. you know the drill} and except for the weight, he dgaf. I also suspect that he was gay, so it may have been his thing ;)
    Also, yes rarity to give kitty belly pets without death by claws but isn't it magical when it happens!?

    @SaintPaulGal  do you have an ikea near you? That pitcher looks similar to things they have :)
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