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In need of a low cost venue near Tampa Florida


I am looking for some ideas for a low cost wedding ceremony and reception venue near Tampa, FL. I am flexible on location, as it does not have to be right in Tampa. My venue budget is $1,000, and my budget for the entire wedding is $10,000. Any ideas are greatly appreciated!!

Re: In need of a low cost venue near Tampa Florida

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    Try Coppertail brewery over near IKEA.  My coworker went to a wedding there a few months ago and raved about it.  I believe they have a private room up staitrs and from what I hear it's very cool with brick walls, etc.   Might be worth a shot.  Tampa is expensive and everything is booked like 2 years in advance, so we went South to Sarasota and found a lot more options.  Hope this helps!  Good Luck!
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    The CL Space in Ybor is $1500 for a 4 hour event, including 2 hours of set up and an hour of clean up(so a total of 8 hours).  It is gorgeous! 
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