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Wedding Woes

Bonus letter: There's more than 4 friends in the world


I always knew I wasn’t likely to get married or even find a good dude; I always counted on my friends.

Then they got married. Then they moved away. We still hang out and talk regularly so we’re cool, my problem is with my local friends.

My closest local friend who I always used to do everything with is also recently married but has clung to a socialite life that I’m far from. He’s wowed by fake people because of their money and status.

I can’t get over how he doesn’t wanna hang out with me! I can’t get him to call me back, wanna hang out beyond a quick lunch date or do friend shit ever.

I’ve tried to bring it up to him but he thinks it’s a joke. Making friends in my area is super difficult because it’s a very family oriented place—if you aren’t part of the group already or are related to someone in said group you’re dangerous. Help! I miss laughing my ass off with my friend and I miss people! Even my work environment is solo.

Re: Bonus letter: There's more than 4 friends in the world

  • Sorry, LW.  Even for friend relationships, one can use the phrase, "He's just not that into you."  And, for whatever reason, he's not.

    It's not always easy to make new friends.  But, like @charlotte989875 pointed out, a person just needs to get out there sometimes.  I also wonder if there might be a nearby bigger city they can expand their friendship search in.

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  • Make new friends. Volunteer, join a team, join an organization, join a book club, take a class you're interested. 

    LW needs to add up all the hours she's invested into this joke-of-a-"friend", realize she can spend that time in better ways, and move the hell on. 

    Why do people cling to people who don't care about them? Whyyyyyy?

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