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NWR: Ready for Kids?


Re: NWR: Ready for Kids?

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    At least in my area, clearance prices at the stores do not always match the online prices.  This Carter's coat online was marked clearance at $34.  In the store it was marked down to $20.  I picked it up last April for this winter during their half off all clearance sale. $10 for a winter coat!  My point is that if you have the opportunity to make educated guesses regarding sizing, off season clearance shopping is the way to go.  I have purchased most of the grandkids clothes this way.  At this "April" shopping spree, I was also able to pick up "frivolous" items like matching Christmas pj's (for $4 a pair) and Christmas outfits.  It takes a while to go through the items, but I only do this two or three times a year.  It's worth it!  (BTW, I found pink bib snowpants for $3 at a consignment sale!). 

    Consignment sales/groups are huge in my area.  I just went to one last night.  I have been able to purchase all the items the grandkids need to keep in my home so that when the grandkids are here, my DD barely needs to bring anything.  It's been a great place for DD to find some of the "bigger ticket items" such as bikes, or the bigger toys with huge store price tags but limited kid interest.  Picking up a gently used toy for $10 that originally sold for $50+ is a win in my book!

    Other stores are the opposite.  The Children's Place offers better sale bargains on line.  When Old Navy has a sale, I go crazy.  I just bought 17 long sleeved shirts for the grandbabies, and with additional coupons, spent $85.  Kohl's is another great clearance shopping store.

    Costco sells Carter's clothes as well. 

    My daughter also belongs to several Facebook "mommy groups", one of which is all about resale.  They are all local people and they support each other by reselling each other's items, and often "pay it forward" by giving things for free, especially if they received them as hand me downs in the first place.  It's another consideration for buying things for minimal costs.
  • @MobKaz those are great tips!!! Thank you! 
  • I got an LlBean fleece for $2 at a consignment event. Looks brand new! It's $20 online. 

    I also got a winter coat the same place for $5. I was worried it might be a touch big, but with how big my baby is, I think it will be perfect. 

    This particular event doesn't accept anything ratty, stained, etc. which is really nice, but everything is still really cheap!  

  • @mobkaz everything in your post is me to a T right down to getting a Carters winter jacket and matching snow pants fo $7 total. 
  • babe1990babe1990 member
    edited November 2017
    We are getting married in the coming days. And we both have good jobs and we are also financially stable to start a family. For babe matter, just Go with God. Good luck.
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