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  • DSW usually isn't that slow.  BUT I have heard that shipping will be slower overall this season.  Best Buy was trying to give me an arrival date of 12/11 for an order made today.  I need to ask DH if we should just do in-store pick-up. 
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    I had a reply to all ya'lls but I couldn't post it.  

    anyway, about the picture - @misskittydanger, H and I did our save the dates photo shoot through JC penny since our engagement shoot wouldn't be done in time.  We even had a groupon.  They turned out excellent! The photographer was so great with us. 

    edit: just realized you don't have a JC Penny. lol.  But Im sure you have something comparable. Check out groupon.  They make their money on upgrades.

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    @6fsn I'm not sure about DSW, but I can say that I placed an order with Old Navy on Monday afternoon and not a peep from them about shipping yet. Normally they're a little slow to begin with but this is ridiculous. On the flip side, I order a bunch of stuff from American Eagle late Monday night and all but one pair of jeans should be here by Saturday morning. Their shipping times during the month of December are fantastic. 
  • @6fsn my Sephora order was also super slow this week. DSW is usually pretty quick so I'm guessing it's a Black Friday/Cyber Monday slow down. 
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    I'm in one of those weird good moods for no reason.

    Last nights event was meh.  Apparently that's the norm which is disappointing, since it's a networking event for event professionals, but whatever.  We still had fun.  I got ready and crashed at the BFF's and now her place looks like a unicorn threw up in it from my cheap, glittery dress.  Shit, it's still on me!

    @short+sassy good luck with the phone, that sucks!

    @lyndausvi if he's driving you nuts he deserves to smell bacon IMO.

    @sparklepants41 enjoy your night out!  

    @levioosa Those dreams are the worst!  I can't tell you how many times now H broke up with me in my sleep leading up to the wedding.  And each time he was so uncharacteristically smug and nonchalant.  I would wake up in tears and it would take me a good hour to forgive him.  Every time he would say, don't be mad at me, I didn't do it.  I'd respond with, stop being such a jerk in my dreams and I won't be mad at you LOL.

  • @MissKittyDanger, when kiddos were babies I had their pictures taken several time during their first year. With DD (first child) we had a couple of family photos done. We had a family photo done with DS1 at 18 mos and then didn't have one done until DS2 was in middle school! DS1 and DS2 are over 4 years apart! LOL! We have since had another one done. I hope to have one done after the grandbabies arrive - probably if we all go vacation to the beach which is where our last family photo was done.
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    Slow week. No offer.

    Applying for jobs right and left but I have to go through the whole interviewing process and background checks-while waiting for people to "get back to me." It seems like nobody ever does that anymore except to send a curt "You are not a good fit" email.
  • 6fsn said:


    no. i would guess some of it has to do with Black Friday and Cyber Monday orders clogging up the supply chain. I got mine in 3-5 days after placing the order. 
  • I haven't felt real well the past 2 days - not sure what's going on. Stomach has been off, and I've had headaches, but I'm thinking it's just hormonal/cycle related. (I've had an IUD since Wolverine was born, so no periods in 7 years make it tough to judge.)

    I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow, I have a lunch date with DK and his work wife. 
  • I had UPS deliver packages to my house at 9:45PM on Tuesday!  I couldn't believe he was out that late.

    Last night, I saw a postal truck trundling around our neighborhood after 7PM.

    Busy, busy for those peeps!

    @6fsn, I hope you get your cute shoes soon!  They're prefect for the holidays. 

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    I think I might be getting sick. Boo.  I hope I feel better by Saturday. I ended up canceling the lunch with my friend. Since I'm starting to feel ill, I think it was a good call. Time to eat zicam like candy. 

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    I think shipments are already slowing down! I ordered Karity (after hearing good things about them) and got a PERSONALIZED email saying originally it was 3-5 days but now looks like it'll be 5-7 days because their black Friday sales were so great - but they're expediting the shipping service.  I'm rush.  This is a gift for me.

    And amazon prime has not been 2 days lately. Some cases 3 or 4. 

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