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Wedding Woes

Snow Day!


Re: Snow Day!

  • Date night tonight. While birthday weekend was fun, I've been busy AF and so has K and we just need some us time.  Dinner and The Shape of Water or maybe a burlesque show.  I don't really feel like being in a loud crowded bar though, so it'll probably be the movie.

    Carving out time to start working on all the things for community.  I basically told my Pride co-chair that I was done peopling, that if it was something I could do from my computer screen, I would, but all the other stuffs, I was out.  I can handle paperwork things, I'm just done with the other stuffs.  My ED and I have been clashing a wee bit, trying to figure out our roles with each other.  She is very used to not having an active president or board and suddenly has one.  I'm very used to running my own big show and suddenly have an ED that really is in charge of most of the big show.  Neither of us are bitching though, what a great position to finally be in.  Sunday is our annual meeting where it all starts.
  • levioosalevioosa Southern California
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    Do you guys ever switch deodorants and then spend the next week or two periodically smelling this different perfumey or baby powdery smell and wonder what it is before you realize it's you and you're a dumbass?

    Because I just figured this out.

    Yes. I tried a new degree deodorant and it took me like a week to realize the old lady/baby powder smell was me. It was just not mixing well. So I went back to my old Dove and I was back to smelling normal. 

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