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Wedding 4 months away...not offically engaged yet

Asking this for one of my friends. 
She's getting married in early October (booked venues and such) but since they are having the ring custom designed she doesn't have the engagement ring yet and he wants to do a big "will you marry me" thing for her. 
It's her 2nd wedding, his first but she didn't get the whole wedding and bride experience the first time so she wants more of that now but still wants to keep it small. (80 people max) 
She asked me to be her MOH and I was BEYOND flattered but she feels really bad asking people to be a part of the wedding since it's so close!! She doesn't want "bridesmaid dresses" just wants us to wear a dress we feel beautiful in and goes with her colors. 
How do I help her with all this?  


Re: Wedding 4 months away...not offically engaged yet

  • It sounds like she's got everything together if she's got all her venues & vendors booked. And big yay that she's letting you choose your dress! She should get her invites out soon though, especially if she's got any guests from OOT. If you want to host any pre-wedding parties, you could offer that as well but you'd need the guest list to begin. 

    I do think it's fairly silly to let the desire for a big engagement announcement hold up letting friends & family know they're getting married since everything is already planned but to each their own...
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