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Rant/Vent - Future sister-in-law and her PPD


Re: Rant/Vent - Future sister-in-law and her PPD

  • CharmedPamCharmedPam Chicagoburbs member
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    I really think people are being too hard on OP. She recognizes that it's not a hill to die on, and she's holding her tongue. She never said she would boycott the event. OP specifically said she's choosing to vent about it here because she knows she can't say anything to anyone IRL about it.

    You're allowed to feel the way you feel, even if you feel irritated by someone who has been through hell.  It's really not fair to say you shouldn't feel the way you feel. It's how you act on it that matters. 
    I agree with this. I also think that if this were the other way around and it was the SIL who was posting here about her PPD, the responses would be a lot different. 

    Remember the poster whose fiance was in a terrible motorcycle accident, lost a leg and all use of an arm? If I remember correctly, we weren't on board with a full on PPD for her. This is the same situation. 
    I remember her! Sorry, late in the game on this one.  Did she ever have a PPD though? I thought I saw pics of a backyard bbq, no big white dress for it (she did wear her initial dress during the ceremony at the hospital though).  Unless I'm remembering wrong?

  • I think they did do a small thing.

    But when that happened:
    1) I don't think they married immediately.   They then CHOSE a small wedding.

    2) I was PPD light on that one too and disagreed with a lot of people who said to keep it bridal -free. 
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