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The wedding crasher name COVID-19

We are getting married June 20th 2020 (Hopefully) We have been given options from our venue to start thinking about. Option 1) Reschedule the whole wedding to a later date. 2) Split the wedding up into 2 parts. 1 part an elopement with key family and friends and second part would be the reception on a later date. I am so stressed about making this decision!! If we want to reschedule the whole thing then we need to do ASAP! If we move it, we also have to move our honeymoon as well. We leave 3 days after the wedding and we would have to reach out to all the guests as invites have been sent out.  We would have people flying in from other states as well, which I know is a risk in its self.   I am trying to be really optimistic but its really hard!
I need advice!! Any June/July brides dealing with this?
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Re: The wedding crasher name COVID-19

  • Hi Haley - you had great taste in wedding dates (06/20/2020 was our date as well)! Our wedding is a "destination" wedding in Maine, and the majority of family/friends would have to board a flight to attend which is looking more and more unlikely. Our venue is our families beach house yard - so switching the wedding date is basically 100% our discretion which has not been fun. When is your decision date? We are thinking Mid-April to make up our minds about switching dates. Its hard to tell right now, but from everything I read - I feel like we may be on a "lockdown" more or less through the summer - at least for large gatherings... My Fiance and I already live together and have a dog and aren't looking to have kids soon - so our thoughts are "Whats another couple of months" to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable. We reached out to our vendors who all agreed, and are willing to move the date without incurring any more fees. Are you and your Betrothed really wanting to be married? If so - I think getting married in a very small ceremony with close family and few friends is a beautiful thing to do. Otherwise - a couple of months wont hurt! Better safe than sorry! Whatever you decide - it will be a beautiful day and everyone will be SO excited- when this is all over, I'm sure we will think back to this time and be so grateful we have all made it through and are better because of it! Good luck with everything!
  • I would figure out when you have to have a decision by. While we might be in a better place by June (let’s hope so!) we might not. In three months we might start lifting restrictions but I think there’s no real way to tell. 

    I would also start talking with your FI about what the two of you want your wedding to be like. Is it sooner with just family/friends then celebrate later? Or is it to wait and have everyone there? I’d probably prefer the first, but that’s me. It’s totally fine to postpone so everyone can attend. It’s also fine to get married when you planned and the celebrate later on. Think about what’s most important to you two and go from there. 
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    In addition to the above responses, you also may need to act quickly regarding potential rescheduling dates.  With so many weddings being cancelled, it is hard to find a new date, particularly if your venue is popular or you are hosting your wedding in an area without many options. 
  • Hi Haley, I relate to the struggle! My wedding is scheduled for June 27. My fiance's family would be traveling from Brazil for the wedding, and our other family and friends are all out-of-state. It kind of feels like even if it is safe by the wedding date, people trying to buy tickets so close to the wedding could be troublesome and older family members flying could be dangerous.
    At this point, we have only sent our save-the-dates and booked the venue since it will be a laid-back ceremony and reception with around 40 people.
    I was wanting to be focusing more into planning at this point since the date is getting closer, but it seems tiring to plan it and then have to postpone. 
    Is anyone else continuing to plan for their weddings, or deciding to postpone now? 
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