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Coronavirus: June wedding - keep planning & wait and see, or postpone?

Is anyone else trying to decide what to do about a wedding date in June? My wedding is scheduled for June 27. A big thing to consider is that my fiance's family is from Brazil and would be traveling to the US for the wedding. Everyone else would also be travelling from out-of-state. I have a feeling that even if things are safer by then, people might have a hard time getting flights or it could be risky for older family to travel. 

We have been thinking that we'll wait and see, but it seems difficult to wait without planning OR to plan and then postpone. As of now, we have booked our venue and sent save the dates. We are wanting to have a very relaxed ceremony and reception, but even with that, there are some things like rentals and catering that would need to be handled fairly soon. 
Has anyone else made any decisions about their June/summer weddings? 

Re: Coronavirus: June wedding - keep planning & wait and see, or postpone?

  • Not changing a wedding but an April vacation was scrapped.

    If I were you I'd call your venue and vendors and find out what your options are.

    I think June 27th is going to be very risky for international travel - that's just a hunch.   And things may be better by then but my thought is that it's a slow uptick.   

    It's odd but I think the only thing you can plan for now is having no plan. 
  • I'm in the same boat as you as far as trying to decide what to do. Our wedding is supposed to be June 13th. Right now it feels like an awkward time where it's just a little too far out to tell if it will be affected or not, but also getting close enough that we need to keep planning as if it's going to happen. 

    To keep myself from absolutely losing my shit from anxiety, we're coming up with a plan B and I'm reaching out to our vendors to see where they stand right now. It's hard to feel excited about planning right now. I can't watch the news without ending up crying at least once. I think all we can do right now is keep planning the original wedding but start really coming up with a plan B that would feel special too. 

    Since your wedding will involve international travel, you may want to proactively postpone. Like the previous poster said, it's so hard to say where international travel will be at that point :(
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