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Help! Wedding menu?

hello ladies, I'm seeking sage advice on wedding food. I'm having approx. 125, venue is my city's opera house. Dinner will be served family style. Here is where I am stuck: I have a high number of vegetarians, and many hardcore foodies who will eat anything that moves. I am considering a family style dinner with a braised beef, pumpkin ravioli, cheese polenta, caprese salad, lemon seared asparagus and grilled kale. Dinner will finish with a cheese course before dessert. Is it acceptable to not have a fish option? The beef is the only protein. And is the menu too heavy? What do you think? Swap out the pasta for fish? Thank you so much in advance!

Re: Help! Wedding menu?

  • lovesclimbinglovesclimbing Alaska member
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    I think it sounds good, personally. I don't see the need for swapping the pasta for fish. And isn't that what the vegetarians are supposed to eat? 

  • ILoveBeachMusicILoveBeachMusic Indiana member
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    I agree not to swap out the pasta for the fish because then the vegetarians won't have anything other than vegetables to eat or polenta which is a side. I consider ravioli an entree. If anything, I would add fish and keep everything else.
  • Vegetarian/mostly vegan here. Please don't swap out the pasta for fish! Then you're leaving a high number of your guests with only sides to eat. If you could, I would try to add the fish as well. Some people don't eat red meat for either health or personal reasons and it would be nice to accommodate that, but it also wouldn't kill them to not have meat for one meal. 
  • I think this sounds delicious.
  • Echoing PPs, I would add in a non-red meat meat option if possible, like fish, but I wouldn't remove the pasta. 
  • I think it sounds delicious and wouldn't change a thing. If people don't like/eat red meat, they can opt for the vegetarian options, which also sound great!

    In terms of quantities, it might make your life easier and cheaper if you could fill a couple of tables with just vegetarians (if it makes sense socially of course). That way there are tables that don't get beef at all.

  • I think it sounds great as is!
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    If you have a high number of vegetarians, swapping out the pasta for fish doesn't solve anything. If you feel the need to have another protein option, I would add fish or chicken without eliminating any of the other dishes.
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    Your menu sounds delicious, but if you think you need a fish dish, I would add it to what's there now rather than swapping out the pasta dish.
  • I think you're totally fine if you don't change a thing, but if it were me personally, I might choose a simpler pasta option or add chicken/fish. Your menu sounds very delicious but could be a bit sophisticated for some. If there are any picky eaters among your friends/family, they would likely appreciate a plain rosemary chicken breast or something along those lines. Many of my friends fall into that camp. But you know your crowd! In terms of appealing to both vegetarians and meat eaters though, I think you're covered.
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    Dinner sounds perfect and I’m jealous of all of your guests!

    If your crowd includes lots of guests that kind of expect seafood at weddings, appetizers are an easy place to add it (shrimp, crab cakes, etc.).  That said, I wouldn’t alter your proposed menu in any way.  It looks terrific.
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    I think the menu sounds delicious, however I think you may want a chicken or fish option. At least for us, I know that a lot of our friends are trying to stay away from beef, and would for a fish or chicken instead. However, all of our parents & their friends want beef. So it might depend on the age group, too! **Removed for ToS violation** They are super helpful and accommodating when we decided we would need to add on a beef option for our guests. They presented us with some solid options that they know to be crowd pleasers and are really working with us well on the menu. Hopefully yours will be the same! I think caterers can get pretty creative with their offerings, I know ours can!
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