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Post Wedding Party in 2021...or later.

So my fiance and I are getting married on Sept 12 in Louisiana....we have had a good bit of RSVP's, but mostly local people along with those in the wedding party. A lot of the out of state guest are concerned to travel due to COVID.

Side note: We were originally going to get married in February of 2021, but his mom has terminal cancer, and we want her to truly enjoy the day, so we moved it forward. 

I am wondering if it would be "weird" to have a post marriage party - but this wouldnt be some like ohh hey we got married lets eat, we would basically scale down what we are doing on our wedding day - like flowers would be minimal, I would re-wear the dress, allow him to be in something a little more casual, and no DJ, and those are just running ideas. 

I just want for my family, who are the ones traveling from out of state to be able to get almost the same affect. 

I know of a few other brides who are having the ceremony now and reception later, but we are doing ceremony & reception on 9/12 - and like i said will repeat the reception at a later date with the rest of my family. 

Re: Post Wedding Party in 2021...or later.

  • climbingsingleclimbingsingle NYC 'burbs member
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    I honestly think this is fine. Are you having many guests at your 9/12 event? I'm not sure how it is in your state, but I do know around here there are still restrictions on how many people are allowed to gather. 
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    No reason you can't have a post-wedding celebration (that's the word we Knotties like to use for this kind of event), although I myself wouldn't re-wear the dress (that's just me).
  • maine7mobmaine7mob Maine, USA member
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    Use whatever word you want to describe your party (well, except for "reception," which by definition, immediately follows the event), but by all means, have it! And yes, wear your dress if you like. Half the fun of going to anything wedding related is seeing the couple in their wedding clothes. You can change into a shorter or more comfortable dress if there's dancing. And of course you can have a DJ. People have DJs for parties, after all They're not limited to weddings.

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