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FI and I want to make welcome bags for our OOT guests. We want to make them with a Kansas/Kansas City theme. We can't think of items to include other than BBQ sauce and sunflower seeds. Suggestions would be awesome!

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    You could make them personal- if you love a local bakery, place a few cookies from the bakery in the bag and write a little note to let them know why those cookies are in there. I'd also say a few personalized water bottles and some information on local things to see and do.
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    I'm going pretty generic, water bottles, plaza directory (my hotels are on the plaza), some snacks, BBQ sauce, history info from our venue, etc.
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    Hmm, Kansas/KC products...

    Sunny Seed Drops (Those chocolate covered sunflower seeds with a candy shell.) 

    Chicken Poop lip balm (GREAT lip balm, horrible name... sold at Walgreens.)

    Russell Stovers candies

    Maybe you could burn a cd of a blues/jazz mix?

    Sorry, I'm all out. I'll try and think some more!

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    Something with Boulevard Beer.

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    I am planning to do the same for my out of town guests. Besides BBQ sauce, we are including Boulevard beer, some royals and chiefs gear (small stuff liek key chains, magnets, etc.) and some generic snacks and bottled water. We are also including a guide of area attractions (Plaza, Crown Center, etc) along with our favorite things to do (like our favorite restaurants, bars, museums, etc) 

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