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good news!

but first...my fiance and i always meet up for lunch during the week because we are fortunate enough to work 10 mins away from each other. He gets a longer break so he comes to see me.  He didn't text me at the usual time saying he was on his way so I waited a full 30 minutes for him to show up/text me.  I finally gave up and went out for lunch alone.  I can't stand lateness and he knows it...I'm working to fix my own problem because it's not like he is ever intentionally late.

anyways, I finally heard from him a few hours ago saying he was in a meeting that ran long but he got a RAISE! I immedietly felt terrible for being upset earlier. 
We had been praying for him to get a raise for about 9 months and it couldn't have come at a better time!  we are going to apply for a mortgage tonight and hopefully this helps:)

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