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Birth Control and Working Out

Does anyone else have problems losing weight while on the pill? My body is adjusting to a new pill right now and it's making me retain a LOT of fluid (even though I'm drinking a lot of water every day to flush it out)... I don't have an increased appetite at all, either-- so I'm not eating more. My clothes are getting tighter, though-- which is SO frustrating. I've had this issue with every BC pill I've tried-- even after my body has adjusted to it. Does anyone have any advice for this? I mean, I guess I could kick up my cardio workouts to an hour-and-a-half long if necessary... ha.

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Re: Birth Control and Working Out

  • I don't blame any of my weight gain on the pill (I love bad food too much), but I have definitely found that I have a harder time losing weight on it. I used to drop weight just thinking about working out, haha. The pill definitely causes me to struggle more with dropping pounds and I retain water like a mo-fo if I don't drink enough water during the day. 

    What's your sodium intake like? Perhaps you could decrease that and see if it helps with some of the water retention. 
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  • I think your doctor would be better able to advise you. How many different forms of BC have you tried? Every woman is different so each method will work/act differently for you.

    I personally had very few side effects with nuvaring and the IUD I have now, but the depo shot made me a crazy person.

    Regardless, if you continue to work out and eat healthy you should see some of these side effects improve over time (hopefully not too long!).
  • I lost 20 pounds while on the pill. I did go off of it for 4 months after I lost the weight, while FI was deployed, but I didn't notice the scale to change - my body did get a lot leaner though. So I wouldn't blame the weight on the pill, maybe some of the bloat though.
  • @kwuertz I definitely have the difficulty with not being able to get down to the weight that I can be when not taking birth control. I have gone on and off it a few times and lost the weight and then regained it when I go back on the pill. This is when my eating and exercise patterns don't change. This happens with any birth control that I have tried. I have talked to my doctor about it and since I am a normal weight they tell me not to worry about it. They say it happens with some people. But perhaps you should check with your doctor and see what is up. Also notice if there are any lifestyle changes you have made.

    @manjemh I wish I lost weight... Oh well. In order to get something we have to give up something.
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  • I was one of the few who gained when I was on the pill. 40lbs exactly. Every time, except the present. I started this pill almost two years ago, and it's the first one that didn't cause me to gain. It's a lower dose than before, so maybe that's the difference.

    Talk to your doctor.
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  • You could try a lower dose pill but Ive been on many and generally, they do cause some additional water retention that will probably translate from 3-5 lbs on most women.  For some, they increase appetite which will account for additional weight gain.  Id say consider trying a lower dose pill and/or really watch your sodium intake and make sure you eat tons of fruits and veggies that are known to de-bloat (you can google for specifics).  Drinking tons of water helps, but you are already doing that.  I wouldn't stress it if it is only a slight difference unless you suddenly don't fit in your dress--and even then, they should be able to let it out a little. Good luck!
  • The birth control pill does make it harder to lose weight, but it shouldn't make you gain wait (just bloat). However, one of the most annoying things about it is that it is extremely difficult to build muscle while on the harder to get those pretty toned arms we all want as brides!! Don't get discouraged though. Diet and exercise never fails =)
  • I've been on the pill for about 10 years now and my weight has fluctuated over that time span. I started eating healthy once I got engaged and have lost about 15 lbs, I'm down to 130. From my personal experience what I ate made a bigger difference than working out.
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