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    If I were "freaking out" as you have so eloquently put it, I'd probably have stayed put to await more responses nagging at me to research requirements and their thoughts on a "secret ceremony", but alas, I did not. As I have said multiple times, I have thoroughly reviewed the requirements, yet it is still being made a topic. To address this, here we are:

    I am fully aware of the requirements of a destination wedding in Ireland. I will not be having a "secret ceremony". I have been to Ireland multiple times in the last few months and have discussed these requirements with the proper parties. I will be following their requirements. Thank you for the concern but it is not needed. My fiance, his family, and some of my family are citizens.

    While I am in complete understanding of the purpose of social media, one does not post on a cooking website and expect to receive questions about the medication one's grandmother is prescribed. There are topics on this site for a reason, and if I had needed advice on destination weddings, that's where you would find me.

    Thank you to those who responded about the question I, the original poster, had asked. I truly appreciate it!  :)

    If you were posting about wanting to make your grandmother a dessert with grapefruit then yeah, asking about medication would be relevant. Just like you posting about a destination wedding in a country with strict[er than usual] requirements to get married in means people are going to make sure you're aware of what you're signing up for.
  • Re: XP Bridal Shower with No Registry?

    MandyMost said:
    I'm invited to a shower soon with no registry where they asked for cash for the honeymoon. I'm undecided yet if I'm showing up with just a card, with cash in a card, or with a bottle of booze instead. I'm leaning towards the bottle of booze.
    I HATE being put in this position.
    I'm that kind of petty bitch that, if I even bothered attending, I would just buy something for their home and not bother with a gift receipt. A shower is for physical gifts and I always give a check for weddings but I refuse to "donate" to honeymoon funds, especially not for a shower.
  • Re: FBILs STILL haven't been fitted

    banana468 said:
    divarhd said:
    FI two brothers who are in the wedding STILL have not gone to get fitted for their tux.  The final choices for the guys was done in October and we're 38 days away from the wedding.  The third brother already said don't expect his family to be there (recall, FMIL hates me and apparently so does said FBIL).  I don't want to keep nagging FI but I'm wigging out now.  If they wait around till the last possible day then say they're not coming, we're screwed.  What would you do?
    Have you opted to invite the step children of your FBIL? Has there been any effort to mend fences since your last post? 

    What's the timing on tuxes?  You're a month away from the wedding.   Are the tuxes rented?  IF so this should be easy peasy and they can get their measurements within plenty of time.

    If they have to buy they STILL have plenty of time.

    FWIW, DH was BM for his BF.   They opted to BUY suits and the wedding was on the 15th.    We drove to look at the suit on the 2nd, had it purchased, delivered, tailored and in hand by the 12th so we could fly to the wedding.  

    There's no reason to flip out about this.   In the meantime I'd just hope that if there's a rift in the family that you think you and your FI can help fix that you work on THAT.   

    If they need to substitute attire or need to rush something, what's the worst that happens? 
    Thank you for reminding me where I recognized OP from. Judging by her previous posts, you'll never get an answer to that question, but it's something that needs to be addressed. I don't blame them if a [sincere/genuine] apology hasn't yet been made, I wouldn't want to go out of my way for someone with their attitude, either.
  • Re: Uninvited Wedding Guest

    banana468 said:
    LW needs to document all the things.   It can be as simple as, "

    "I have the following things you requested.   Per our conversation I'll do X,Y, and Z.  Please email me if anything needs to be adjusted." 

    As far as the rest of the issues, she also needs to document with the workers.  

    Two wrongs don't make a right here. 
    My boss has CYA engraved in the back of our eyelids so we see those letters as we sleep. You have no idea how many times a quick "as discussed in our meeting, I am doing ::this:: and you will do ::that:: and when complete we'll do ::other thing::" can save your ass when they forget and want to blame you. I've [subtly] rubbed emails in client's noses before, when they try and claim we never told them something, while I have multiple emails requesting things or advising them of deadlines or meetings.
  • Re: Thread deleted. Again?

    I have a message from @KnotHolly. Knottie#s requested that her account be deleted. The administrator who deleted the account accidentally deleted the thread. The policy on deleting threads and accounts hasn't changed.

    Somehow I doubt that. They can't make a new coherent policy so they'll just grease the squeaky wheels and pretend it was an accident. I'll believe it if the (tame) thread returns. Thanks for the update, though, @MairePoppy.
    I'm just waiting for them to delete the forum and then reintroduce it with some changes in six months or a year.
    If that means the log in issues would be fixed, I might be ok with that. :D