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    MandyMost said:
    The brother is an addict. If he wants to find drugs he'll find them. Regardless of who's invited to the wedding.

    And this guest we're talking about is someone you think has an arrest record, and the rumor mill says sells drugs. Are you going to look into everyone's background before giving them an invite? How long ago is an arrest acceptable? Check all of their home towns to see if there's rumors about them? It seems overboard to me to not invite someone to your wedding based on what you think you might know about someone's history.  
    I don't think the OP is being unreasonable. And I don't think she's going 'overboard' not to invite this person. She has legitimate concerns about this persons character and morals. I think it's unfair to say this to her just because you can't understand where she is coming from. 
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    OP I too felt the need to propose to my bridesmaids. But I realized I wasn't doing it cause I wanted to but because I thought I had to. If this is the way you and your friends are then cool, but if you are just putting on a show just ask them in a normal conversation. The fact that you are asking them to stand beside you on your big day makes it special enough. 
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    Drug dealers are usually not into calling attention to themselves, especially to strangers at a wedding. Do you really think he's just going to start approaching people asking if they want drugs? This doesn't happen - we're not living in an after school special in 1987. 
    That's not necessarily true. He might feel a party atmosphere such as a wedding would be the perfect opportunity to solicit customers. Or he might come eat, dance and leave.  I wouldn't take the chance and wouldn't invite him. 
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    OP I can understand your fear. I don't think you are worried he will sell drugs to your brother at the wedding. I think you are more worried about him maybe soliciting your brother for future transactions. 

    If etiquette requires he comes, try to limit the interaction they will have. But there could be s high possibility that your cousins new boyfriend has been/is his dealer already.  
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    Today I am off so it is cleaning and putting away Christmas gifts. I also hope to call a few places for limo quotes but I'll see how I feel. 

    Saturday we have an appointment with a florist I love. Instagram has made wedding planning much easier. O get to see people's work without having to leave my house. Also on Saturday we have errands to run. We go away in a month and I would like some new pants and maybe some new shirts for FI. We will see how the weather is though

    Sunday is a movie and snack day. Which is my favorite day of the week.