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  • Re: Charlotte and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    @charlotte989875 ; I've never had a pet sprayed with skunk, but I hear it's bad :( My coworker has done the dish soap, water and something else {@OliveOilsMom posted the mix!} I know some pet stores sell a spray you can use on pets after you've washed them to help with deeper scent.

    @CharmedPam ; Booooo owing!! :(

    @levioosa ; Do they have it online? I know a lot of forms that are required in my area, they try to have a blank one just in case. Hopefully you make your deadline!!

    @ShesSoCold ; Welcome back! :) Are you and your H completely different when it comes to paint? Good luck with choosing colours! I know I'm picky, and I can't imagine how it'd be if M cared about paint {although he has said certain things he doesn't want in paint}

    @Jen4948 ; Fingers crossed!!

    SSDD at work.
    Weekend was ok. Didn't paint but we did go to Babies R Us to look about attachment for carseat vs stroller.
    It's a convertible seat, so it doesn't come out like the bucket seats. Plus the seat is apparently a picky brand that doesn't like to work with others, even if we'd been given the bucket seat.

    I've been to Babies R Us before, but this was seriously overwhelming. Maybe it's because it's a different reason that makes it overwhelming?

    Anyways we were there for about an hour. My coworker mentioned about a stroller, but we've now put a travel set on the registry just in case.

    Got room set up, but we're painting likely next weekend. Might need BIL's help with something, so when we get his help with the basement freezer we're gonna have him help us with a couple other things.

    Sunday we went for a nice dinner. We legit ate too much! Lmfao! M got the "meat sweats" because he kinda wolfed down the baseball steak.
    Also, for the 2nd time in my entire pregnancy I have been called out for being pregnant. At 24 weeks, that kind of surprises me. There's not really a way for it to not show anymore lmao!

    Monday we saw M's grandparents. Unfortunately with weather and not feeling well, we've had to reschedule a few times. They understood because February is such a mix bag of weather.

    For example, today and next few days are typical wet spring days. Mild and rainy as fuck. Like rainfall warning amount. *sigh*
    But folks, climate change doesn't exist .....

    Tonight my mum and her bf are coming by for dinner and dropping off the crib. We're just doing pizza, since it's quick and middle of the week ....
  • Re: Mothers Attire

    When my mum and MIL asked what to wear {they were walking down the aisle - MIL with H and my mum with me} I also said to wear what they wanted.

    In the end, MIL found a lovely dress she already had and opted to go with wedding colours.

    My mum and I opted to make a day of it because she wanted my opinion on her dress.

    In the end, they both looked great but your mum and FMIL may be wanting to also spend time with you. So look at that option.
    It doesn't have to be going out, you could just go over to their place, enjoy their company and have them try on dresses they already like :)
  • Re: Dog at your wedding?

    So, should I say something now? We still have several months. Calling out of the blue and saying "we can't accommodate your hound" will start an argument. Its not likely that this individual will do the polite thing and ask the hosts. How might one present this delicately if it doesn't come up organically (as it won't)?
    Double check with the venue. Ensure you mention it is an emotion support therapy dog {be honest if they ask about certification}

    If venue says no, you can explain to them that you're aware they bring the dog with them you asked ahead of time, and unfortunately since dog is not certified, the venue cannot accommodate them.

    I wanted to offer a small correction on this.  A certification doctor's letter (FTFY) doesn't matter for an ESA.  A business can still refuse to allow an ESA into their premises.

    For the two exceptions I mentioned that do need to legally allow ESAs (lodging/airlines), those establishments can require a doctor's note be provided before allowing admittance. 

    Bolded, really? I thought ESA were cleared as long as they have proper docs ... this seems to be a day of me learning things lol
  • Re: Friiiiiiiiiiiiday!!!!

    Side note I'm 24 weeks today :)
    cat melon GIF by Cheezburger

    Which also means 16 weeks until my due date {June 8th still!}

  • Re: Nope

    I don't think it was impolite for the group to ask.  But it also wouldn't have been impolite for the LW to have politely said no.  Like, "I'm so sorry, but we prefer where we are currently sitting, as opposed to being further down the row."

    Not that hard.  But I suppose, in the moment, the "people pleasing" that society teaches us kicks in.  Maybe they started scooching down before it hits them, "Wait, why are we doing this?"  But it's too late.

    "Sorry, we reserved these seats" would be sufficient also