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  • Re: On which hill did you die?

    H and I paid for our wedding and we were on the same page, but we had huge, almost irreparable issues with his mom regarding the guest list. We wanted 50 people max at the wedding. MIL has ten siblings, all of which are married and only one I'd met or H had seen in the seven years we'd been together. She did not handle it well that we were not inviting them.
  • Re: Thursday!

    I can finally breath. My smother in law (not a typo) has finally left. She was here for days and it felt like months. H and I had a long talk last night about boundaries. It needs to stick because I am not going to be that uncomfortable in my own home ever again.

    Today's my last day at my job so likely my last day knotting all day (at least until I get settled into my new job).

    We have no NYE plans, which is normal.

    H got me the ring I'd been eyeing and I felt like an old Italian woman on Christmas because I wore my nice necklace and new bracelet too. Four rings is too many for every day but I can't seem to take this new one off.

    Yay for good boob news, Heffa!

    That is such a cool dress, Varuna! I love it!

  • Re: Worst Christmas Gift

    I gave what is now probably a "worst gift ever".

    I got my tattoo, which was personal to me, just before Christmas (holy shit ten years ago now). My boyfriend at the time was a total loser and hadn't gotten me anything for several occasions and I'd told him I wasn't getting him a Christmas gift. After I got my tattoo, he said he wanted one. I responded sarcastically with "What? A Kool Aid man tattoo?" and he said sure. To call his bluff, I told him I'd pay for it. Well, it was not a bluff. I broke up with him three months later via cheating.

    I sure hope he doesn't still have a little green Kool Aid man on his upper arm.

  • Re: Find your boundaries and stick to them.

    I have a "parents moving to college town" story, though thankfully it's not creepy and makes perfect sense, lol.

    My parents were really good friends with one of my HS friends' parents.  We all lived in CA at the time.  He ended up going to University of Illinois.  He and his parents decided it would be a good investment for all of them to go in on buying a nice house and then their son would rent out the other rooms.

    Obviously, his parents went out to visit him numerous times during his schooling.  They ended up loving Champaigne-Urbana and decided that, when he graduated and left for his first job, they were going to retire, buy out his share of the house, and move in, lol.  That was exactly what they did and they've been living there happily ever since.

    Another positive was their son stayed in the Midwest, so now everyone is within a few hours drive of each other.

    Image result for ulysses s unicorn

    This is my actual face reading the bolded. I don't understand.

    Yeah it doesn't matter if Mom is 5 minutes or 5 hours away, boundaries are important. LW needs to have a conversation with Mom and let her know that there won't be daily lunches or stopping by to do laundry.

  • Re: Thursday

    I don't think H and I have ever successfully gotten each other surprise gifts that were exchanged on the correct day (Christmas, birthday, etc.).

    We're both super particular people, so our wants are really specific. I don't want a food processor, I want the Kitchenaid 13-cup food processor in silver, that kinda thing.

    So I picked out my gift a few weeks ago.

    He confessed to me that over the weekend he saw - without intentionally looking for it - the confirmation email I got about his Christmas gift.