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  • Re: Bridesmaid Gift Idea--What Do You Think?

    I've been in 2 weddings. For my best friends I received jewelry for the wedding day and a "wedding day survival kit" (travel size toiletries) in a cute make up bag.  It was ok but felt very wedding related. 
    For my other friends wedding I received button up shirt with initials embroidered on it (for getting ready) and bottle of wine that she knew I would like in a cute wine bag (at our age we need glasses (so cute!!!)) and a stemless wine glass with my initial on it. These were defiantly better gifts. Even though the shirt was "wedding related" I still wear it out. It doesn't say "bridesmaid" or anything on it which makes it wearable longer I think. 
  • Re: When is it okay to not send and invite when a STD has been sent.

    Thanks for the advice. I had pretty much made up my mind to not invite her (or HER friends in the department. All of mine said they're still coming :-) because the reasons I was "fired" were bullshit...their words not mine but I do agree. ) My parents and fiance WOULD cause a scene if the see her (especially if alcohol gets involved)  
    I had to quit (looks better on my resume) and we have found that since I was forced to quit I could still qualify for unemployment should I choose to file for it. She bullied me and if I have documentation of it (I do) I would qualify for unemployment. 
    I am not however signing the "hush money" agreement they have sent me. My parents who retired from the same company (Dad still does contract work...for now) obviously have friends who still work there. They fully plan on giving their opinion to anyone who asks. With the agreement the company has written up, they could not do that. 
  • Hope everyone is having a great day :-)

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    So just going to say hope everyone is having a great day!!

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  • Re: Carrot Cake/Groom Cake

    Update: Now that he knows what a grooms cake could be (Like a large hockey puck with his favorite team on it) he's okay having one :-) 
    Dude is trying to kill me with frustration I swear!! lol

  • Re: Carrot Cake/Groom Cake

    @southernbelle0915 I wouldn't say I exactly asked his opinion...he started saying he wanted to pick the cake flavor months ago.

    I asked him the big stuff (when, where, etc.) his response was always. Whatever you want, I just want to pick the cake flavor. to which my reply has always been like

    Cuz he doesn't like sweets....

    About ready to make him a carrot cake cupcake that says "Here's your damn carrot go brush your teeth before kissing your wife" and stick a dang toothbrush and toothpaste in it lol