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  • Re: Spinoff: wedding etiquette fails in movies/TV shows

    I just watched an episode of my fair wedding where the couple was already married and then they had their PPD. It was the mermaid themed/40s thingy. It was a weird episode. Also the burlesque chick that was going to wear that red latex dress with tassels on the boobs and butt. Luckily she didn't wear it, maybe it was just for TV but still. That show is full of etiquette blunders
    I think I saw that one. Didn't David make them tell their parents they were already married so they at least weren't lying about it anymore? That could be a different one though.
  • Re: :O DD inside!

    Good lord there's just so much nope in that story and it just kept getting worse!
  • Re: Monday!

    @speakeasy14 - Right?! Why does everything have to go on Facebook right away?
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    @eilis1228 - Ugh, I'm sorry your move has been such a pain!
    @minskat30 - I love the name!!
    @jenna8984 - I'm glad to hear Deadpool was good! FI and I were going to go see it this weekend but it was 70 degrees out and we wanted to spend the day outside in the gorgeous weather!
    @labro - Your renovations are going to look awesome!
    @futuremrshistorian - Wow, have fun in Dubai! 
    @southernpeach89 - Congrats on your CF competition!
    I have this morning off for Presidents' Day but I still have to work my other job this afternoon from 2 - 7. I'm thinking of quitting my second job though, it doesn't really add that much extra income and since FI moved in, in December and we splitting rent I don't really need the extra money. My client this afternoon is really easy so it won't be too bad, I just really am not a fan of not getting home till 7:30.

    Anyway, I'm spending the morning watching old episodes of The Office and catching up on some grading (okay, well mostly catching up on TK but whatever :) ). 

    Oh and my brother got engaged yesterday. They posted on Facebook before telling me so that's how I found out, which was annoying. I don't really think it's a great idea because they are kind of immature but obviously I just said congrats (when they finally did actually tell me) and am keeping my opinions to myself.

    Oh, oh! And we decided on a menu for the wedding! I'm so excited! We decided not to do a cocktail style reception and to do a full dinner instead. At the cocktail hour there will be Artichoke Spinach Dip with Gourmet Crackers and Veggies with Dip. Then for dinner there will be 2 carving stations - one with Flank Steak with a Creamy Red Wine Horseradish Sauce and the other with Chicken with a Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce, A theme station with Tequila Key Lime Salmon, Rice Pilaf, Green Bean and Carrot Saute, and Garden Salad, and the thing I'm MOST excited for - a make your own Risotto Bar!
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  • Re: Apparently I am the kind of girl who cries wedding dress shopping

    It's gorgeous! You look amazing :)