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    Well, if champagne isn't special enough, maybe you could request Romulan ale?
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    I'm sorry CMG.  You and your family are in my prayers.
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    I wasn't asking strangers to approve my plans (in fact, I did the opposite).

    I only asked if anyone had any ideas for my family to mend fences with FI. I would really like everyone to support us in FL. I imagine there have been other brides in my situation, where the family wasn't supportive of a destination wedding or just simply didn't like the other half. There has to be a way to all just get along!  This will be a lifetime, so there has to be some ideas of activities to get them together. I almost considered not telling them he would be there and do a surprise wedding, but that may upset them further...I'm still considering it.

    I did forget to add, that we're having the wedding in FL because that is where FI is from. His elderly family is not able to travel. That is why that portion is not for debate, even though I am sure some still will. No one really needs to know when the actual legal part is - only when we're celebrating the wedding, that is the day we plan to recognize. 
    I'm thinking the reason for the "legal part" being held before the redo is so that there's nothing the family can do about it, it's already a done deal.  OP, are you even of legal age to marry in Florida without your parents' permission?
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    My son and I were both in a wedding less than a month after he turned 3.  We both had the adult meals, he finished his entire dinner (steak) and about 1/4 of mine.  That kid ate things at 2 years old that I would never eat (eggplant, calamari, brussels sprouts, blech).  Can't judge what someone will/won't/shouldn't like based on their age.
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    woodtdm said:
    No wine for any table but the head table and MIL table. They picked the officiant and I'm not sure if she knew or agreed to her vows being n French. She was so confused at one point and the officiant just told her to say "yes". I was floored. The father daughter dance was the 7 minute version and you can tell they didn't practice before hand. They kind of ended up doing an impromptu weird fast dance at the end like Jennifer Grey in Dirty Dancing. 

    To me, that would be as crazy as signing a contract, written in a language I didn't understand.

    Thanks for the update!

    Although she largely brought it on herself, I almost feel bad for her.  All the ill-will between her and some of her friends/family.  All the worrying so much about costs that she short changes her guests.  All the constant fretting and worrying that she seemed to have.

    And then there are only 60 guests anyway.

    It is a contract...I'm questioning whether or not it's legal.  They may not be married after all this.