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    my tiny start up just scored the biggest deal we've ever gotten - like, bigger than any deal we've had so far in our 5 year history combined. such great news for a friday afternoon and just makes me super pumped to work here cause not only are we making big things happen, but we're doing good at the same time :)
  • Re: Aloha!

    Have a great trip! So jealous!

    Painted my new front door and porch at the house after work yesterday. Both still need another coat, but it's coming together. The neighbors have been coming over more often to introduce themselves. They're excited to have nice people living there, the previous owner died of an overdose and the house sat around in foreclosure for 4 years before we bought it, so they're happy to be rid of the eyesore, even though it's taking us forever to get it fixed up.

    We finally chose a kitchen company and our windows arrived yesterday. Hoping to have them all installed over the weekend. The drywaller is finishing the basement this week. This weekend our kitchen appliances and washer/dryer are being delivered. DH and I are going to Boston to visit his parents and see some of his friends we haven't seen since the wedding. We leave right after work tomorrow. With all that's been going on at the house I feel like it's going to feel like so much has gotten done by the time we get back Sunday night.

    We're planning to move into the house in 3 weeks and there is still a lot to do, but the bulk of it is painting (and finishing staining the hardwood). Once the drywall guy is done I'll be getting crazy with all my painting. I still need to chose a color for our bedroom and the living room. It's overwhelming but so exciting. Oh, we still need to put up our fence too, but because our neighbors on every side have fences we just need to close a couple of gaps, so it should be easy. I'm so happy we'll have a nice yard for Henry very soon.
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    We got (from some wedding crap website - don't even remember which one) a shadowbox with a hinged door and chicken wire inside. it came with etched glass with our names and the date and little cards in our wedding colors that people wrote notes on, rolled and stuck into the chicken wire. because the cards are all different colors it looks super pretty. i'm describing it badly, but it was cool.
  • Re: VP Debate

    I was so bored watching this I got caught up reading some buzzfeed list where they ranked all our previous VPs by hotness and was shocked by a couple of the high ranking ones (HW and Nixon deservedly in the top 10?!). But they failed enormously by not having Biden be #1. Reading that made me google younger photos of Kaine and Pence and holy hell, Kaine was a fox when he was younger (Pence wasn't bad either but the way he looks now does nothing for me.)
  • Re: Who or what are you side-eyeing?

    kylexo said:
    my cousin posted this on her fb followed by a link to her wedding website...
    "18 days until we say I DO!!!!! If you're coming to the wedding and forgot/lost the wedding website here ya go! It has registry, location, times, RSVP, Guest Book, etc...."

    Who wants to bet they get some wedding crashers?

    i wouldn't be surprised! i'd do it myself if i lived closer...also the "registry" they have posted on their wedding website is a honey fund and on the rsvp section of the website, there is this great piece of copy - "Let's be honest, most people DO NOT usually mail back their RSVP.... we've made it easy for you here!!! Enter your name below to RSVP to our wedding events along with any other guests that will be joining you! The meal choices do not matter, there will be a buffet with options for you to choose from at the Reception. "

    since they've been posting the link on both their face books almost constantly i'd be surprised if they didn't have people RSVP who they didn't invite. also they're on their 3rd venue, they changed as recently as a month ago. i'm not going but can't wait to see/hear how it was.