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  • Re: Horror themed wedding ideas

    @CharmedPam Ahh damn :\ That's unfortunate.
    We had a small issue with our DJ and no one told us until months later :(
    oh no, what happened?  come to think of it, I spent most of my time at my open bar.  I would only have noticed problems with the beverages. Which there weren't any. lol
    Couple family members apparently tried to request a song and were denied. When they told me, it was already too late {wedding in Aug, found out in Dec} They didn't find it a big deal, but I told them I wish I'd known to make sure their requests would get done.
    You know what?  Come to think of it, I told my D.J to play "Chelsea Dagger (blackhawk theme song) at LEAST 4 times" (in my 4 hour reception.  I wonder if he thought I was just kidding or if I really wasn't paying attention but I only heard it twice.......

    but booo to your D.J.  Was it like lack of time?  or was it "play_____"  "nope.  have my own agenda here"?
    Apparently he was kinda snarky. Lots of time. "Can you play___" "Talk to the bride about requests" Which was odd.

    Uhm dude, I'm busy ....

    Also my uncle offered to hold the door when he got there and he was like "No, I can do this myself" Guh ... attitude given so much
    Do you know what songs they were requesting?

     My DJ did the same thing when a kid at my wedding requested "Everything is Awesome" from The Lego Movie (I enthusiastically agreed it should be played and danced with the kids that requested it during the song). The DJ didn't want to play such an odd song without the ok. The DJ also did the same thing at my BFF's wedding when people were requesting things he had been specifically told NOT to play (anything by Lady Gaga and line dance songs).
  • Re: Horror themed wedding ideas

    I think it depends on what the rest of the wedding decor is like. What is his favorite horror movie? I wouldn't try to fit in an over-arching horror piece. Pick something meaningful from one his favorites. 

    For example, some people use old books in centerpieces. Maybe one of the books on your table could be titled Necronomicon from Evil Dead.  Or in Halloween there are a million pumpkins/jack o lanterns scattered in the scenery in every scene. If you are still doing a fall wedding, you could have mini pumpkins scattered throughout the decor. Maybe he loves Nightmare on Elm Street and could wear a red and green striped pocket square.   If he loves Poltergeist, have the DJ say "They're here!" when announcing you.

      I would go for little things that tie in to what you are already doing that no one else would notice unless they look closely. 
  • Re: Tuesday!

    Quick question to the Chicagoans out there or those familiar with Chicago.

    Lou Malnati's for deep dish pizza.  Good, good?  Or just "tourist" good?

    I was reading a listicle that mentioned iconic places to eat in the U.S. and they mentioned Lou Malnati's in Chicago.  They also mentioned the hot dog place Portillo's, which I know some of you have already recommended. 

    I used to live in Chicago, but am now in central IL. I was never a fan of Lou Malnatti's, though that was the go to place for other friends from Chicago. My favorite is Giordano's for deep dish pizza. Portillo's is also great. Hot dogs, burgers , italian beef are all great. I have heard awesome things about their chicken chopped salad too. Their chocolate cake is heaven and their lemon cake (only available in summer) is even better.

    Super excited because Portillo's just opened here and we are getting a Giordano's soon too!
  • Re: Work anniversary gifts

    How about a bluetooth speaker? Anker makes a great one in the $30 range, and Anker has amazing battery life. My IT manager husband loves his.

    Maybe it is just my experience, but I have so many travel mugs/water bottles already that I pitch any new ones I am given. I literally have a card board box full of new ones I have never used in the basement. Those seem to be one of those things you give when you don't know what to give, and everyone I know has a million.
  • Re: Happy Eclipse Day

    It was totally overcast here for the eclipse (90%+ for the eclipse in this area), so no one was going to go out. Then we found out we could still see it through our glasses even with the cloud cover. We ended up watching in the parking lot here at work. Work provided eclipse glasses and cookies!