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    My (r.i.p) BFF’s last girlfriend is driving me crazy.... she keeps posting Pro-Pats shit because she thinks he was a fan. He Haaaaaated them. He once told her “never bet against Tom Brady”, not because he likes them but because ... the patriots are cheaters... or something. ;) And he was tired of losing money betting against Tom Brady. 

    But I keep my mouth shut; let her live in her memories.
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    @holyguacamole79 I love Banana’s and OOM’s advice. Say what Banana said and offer the same price you were getting before. :) 

    @OliveOilsMom The food is completely different. They have this bread, kind of like thin pita, that they open, spread a meat mixture in, then cook over the coals. They make kabobs, the chicken is spiced in some sort of deliciousness. The dessert is kanafka (idk the spelling), it is cheese (or creme ) fried in a pastry that reminds me of a birds nest, sprinkled with pistachio, and drizzled with simple syrup. It is heavenly.  

    ETA: The dessert is Kanafeh!!! And goggle image search for kanafka will result in pictures of big hairy men
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    Get well vibe @lyndausvi
    I love your sign @charlotte989875
    @levioosa I hope your boss straightens up quick! What is your next course of action if she continues to blow you off?

    our weekend was great! Friday night we went to a BBQ on our friend’s boat. Saturday morning, we slept in, then went to another BBQ hosted by a lady from the barn. It was an Arabic bbq and it was AWESOME! We ate so much and had so much fun! We were supposed to go car shopping afterwards but DH fell asleep. Sunday was SO WINDY. We had to cancel my lesson because the power kept going out, it was nuts. Today, I had to get more fabric for the quilt I am working on, in Dubai of course. Then I stopped by 2 malls in search of area rugs. I have never wanted Wayfair or Overstock more in my life!! I am making dinner and we have a Skype call. Tomorrow is car shopping, fingers crossed.

    my MIL will be here in less than 3 weeks and I am so excited!
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    Is it a boys only wedding?? This is just crazy! I would really love to hear how they justified it in their heads.

    this would be a easy decline for me. so rude.
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    Case by case but I will say, I am always down to take/ pick up someone to the airport. When I was traveling it was always so nice to see a friendly face, not have to deal with the extra steps, just be able to get in the car and let someone else drive, that I like to do that for others. I will even do it for friends of friends if I am not doing anything else.