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  • Re: NWR: PTO Policies at your job

    @loves2shop4shoes‌ I am showered and have on yoga pants. It's a total win today:). Although I didn't crawl out of bed until noon so this is a recent development.
  • Re: OLW

    Dear NEY beeshes,

    I'm back. You know you missed me. I have lots of time to kill the next couple weeks so don't disappoint with the BSC. I need good entertainment!!!

    She who waddles when she walks

    Dear coworker,

    You can suck it. I did not get pulled from work for shits and giggles. To imply I did deserves a nice throat punch.

    Protective mama

    Dear uterus,

    Seriously calm the eff down. That is all.

    Baby cooking is hard

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  • Re: Confessions, UO, II, etc.

    Not backpedaling, but it isn't a very big deal to me either if it "looks bad" to some people to have it at my house, and obviously not to a lot of other people.  Good enough for Martha is good enough for me! 

    The "unpopular opinion" part was because of the discussions of not wanting parties before the wedding.  I said I'm thinking it would be a good way to introduce the families and have people over to our place.  Better than paying crazy prices at a restaurant, IMO! 

    Um yeah, it's not good enough for Martha:

    But that's cool if you want to make up your own rules.
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  • Re: Confessions, UO, II, etc.

    Confession-  I iz sads that I actually have to work and have no time to play on TK with you lovelies.

    II- People that back pedal from what they say.  Own it.  If you want to throw a housewarming party do it.  If you want to throw your own engagement party, do it.  I don't give a fuck.  I will, however, side eye you for throwing the latter, and not listening to sound advice.  Will it impact your life? Nope, not one effing iota.


    Confession- Pretty sure I have bad etiquette when it comes to my adult birthday parties.  What can I say cake makes me crazy?  I blame it all on the cake.   I mean red velvet with cream cheese frosting should be illegal. Next year, I promise to bake my own cake and invite all you beeches to Chicago to help me eat it.

    UO- Comparing babies to the size of fruit gives me the heebie jeebies.  I mean seriously, how am I supposed to get my daily serving of fruits and vegetables when I'm eating something the size of my child.  Ew.


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  • Re: Oh heyyyy OLW

    Holy cheap rent Batman,

    What is the speak of this? Rent and cheap don't go together here. Unless you get offered a house to squat in. I'll gladly squat forever. Yeah, pretty much doing that next month.

    What do you mean a parking spot costs more than rent in Virginia?

    Damn you Chicago!


    Housing, why you so spensive?

    Dear day care,

    For $2200/mo you best deliver my child at the end of the day smelling like roses and on track for a full ride to Harvard.

    Sticker shock and employed in the wrong industry

    Aug. 8th,

    Get here yo. You beeches better be ready. You know who you are.

    Be prepared to eat. The belly wants to be fed.
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