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how long did you date before he popped the question?


Re: how long did you date before he popped the question?

  • spockforprezspockforprez Virginia member
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    2.5 years, had been living together about 15 months. When we get married it will be 4 years and 2 days after our first date.
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  • He proposed on our 4 year anniversary date (2 days after our actual anniversary) and we'll be getting married on our 5 year anniversary (I really love our anniversary and it worked out well for us, planning-wise).
  • Dated on and off for 2 years in high school (started when we were 14!). Got back together during college and were dating for 5.5 years when he proposed! We just celebrated 7 over the summer and are getting married in November!
  • We were together for 2 years and 3 months. He bought the ring right after our two year anniversary, which was in September 2014. That summer we went to look at rings so he could have an idea of what I liked and what my ring size is. The sales people tried convincing him to buy the ring right then and there, but he wanted my ring to be a surprise so he refused to get it. I'm so glad he didn't, because I love my actual e ring way more than the one I had looked at at the store that day.
     We were planning a trip to Hawaii for January 2015, and I am an idiot and flat out asked him if he was going to propose, and he said no, that he wanted to wait until 2017. I was kind of upset but let it go. And of course he proposed while on our Hawaiian vacation! As much as I was dying for him to propose, I'm glad that I didn't push him too hard.

    That was way too long so tl;dr - We were together for 2 years 3 months. Getting married after being together for 3 years 2 months.
  • doclagodoclago member
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    We met and were friends in college. Our Sororoity/fraternity had a lot of activities together so we spent quite a bit of time together in a very platonic way. We also had the same circle of friends.  We reconnected on FB though said mutual friends in 2011. I lived in NY and he in SC.  I decided to go to his city to visit (I really needed a break from life)and he offered to let me stay at his place.  I was supposed to leave the day Hurricane Sandy hit.  There was no gas to be had so no cab would take me to the airport. Fortunately, I had a full tank and had someone drive me in my own vehicle to the only airport in the area that was open.  That was Halloween weekend 2012.
    The same weekend 2013, we went to visit my parents.  He asked my Dad's permission and he proposed the same day.  I WAS SHOCKED!!!   He picked out a perfect ring, with no help from anyone! LOL!

    We had a few awkward  situations during the time we dated. He had told me several times he knew we were meant to be together and how much he wanted to spend his life making me happy, but I was cautiously optimistic.  I knew from the first visit that he had potential to be the one for me but I had no idea how happy we could be!!  I am so glad we communicate well together and were able to get the other stuff straightened out!   We are absolutely perfect for each other!  We are getting married 5/5/16!!  
  • We were together 1 year 10 months before he proposed.  I had a feeling it was coming because he was being so obvious because he was excited and can't keep a secret.  The night it happened I wasn't sure if it would be the night and I as very surprised!  9/18/15 we got engaged :) Wedding date 7/1/17! :):):):)

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  • we were dating about 18 months.
  • 3 years.  We got married a year later. I knew pretty much right away that he was the guy.  He is a true braniac kind of guy and I guess he had to analyze the Hell out of the situation first because I couldn't figure out why he hadn't asked yet.
  • We were together for around a year, but we stayed engaged for 3 years before getting married. Now we have been happily married for a little over 2 years!
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  • about 3.5 years.... we starting dating in january 2012, became "official" in april 2012, moved in together in may 2014, and got engaged april 2015.

  • We met September 2008, started dating December 2008, became 'official' February 2009, and got engaged September 2015, so 6.5 years. We'll have been together almost 8 years when we get married.
  • We were together for a little over 9 years when he proposed =) Started dating in August 2006 and dated long distance for 6 years during school, moved in together in 2012 after college graduation, and got engaged October 2015! 
  • We were together a little over 2 years. We knew this was it early on in the relationship. We started living together after 6 months and have been inseparable ever since. 
  • 14 years. I win lol!
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  • Almost a year :). It was the day before we went away for an anniversary weekend, and he had been kind of seeming like something was up but when we were on a run I was teasing him about how sentimental he was being that day and he was like "No no, please don't get your hopes up, I am not proposing this weekend." And he wasn't lying, it wasn't technically the weekend!
  • We met in university and were dating for about 4 and a half years when he proposed. By the time our date rolls around we will have been dating for 6 and a half. Its crazy sometimes thinking that its been that long but then the flip side of how has it only been that long!
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  • NerdyLucy said:

    We got married on our 12th dating anniversary, and there was no "popping of the question." 

    It was a mutual decision. It's just the way we roll.  I think a lot of people think we're unromantic, but we can be, just not when it comes to certain stuff.

    We did the same thing. 5 years together, we'd been talking about it a bit. One day he just asked if I thought we should start pre-marriage classes at our church. I looked at him and was like "Sure. Soooo.... does that mean we're engaged?" He shrugged and said "I guess so." Not the most romantic proposal, but I am just very happy to be engaged!

    Our parents were meeting for the first time that weekend after, so I had my dad bring my great-grandmother's engagement ring (I had always wanted to use it since it's special to me). We still haven't resized it to fit me properly. He's asked if I want him to "repropose" with it, and I said no, since we're already halfway through the engagement and it would feel weird. I requested instead that he just give me a "romantic gifting" of the resized ring. Just because the beginning moment of our engagement may not have been well-planned or technically very "romantic" doesn't mean we can't have cute moments throughout the rest of the engagement reaffirming that we are excited to be married (and provide a few good photos for the family and friends wanting to see some romance). 

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  • FI and I were together since November 2011. He proposed in early December. So just a little over 4 years. We're 29 and have known each other since high school. It's been a long time coming!
  • 2 years and he just popped the question on December 24, 2015

  • bohobrideCAbohobrideCA San Diego, CA member
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    Just 6 months but we had been friends for over 10 years and went to senior prom together so we had a nice foundation to build on when we finally started dating.  
  • We got engaged after 2 years this past May and will be getting married in September or October of 2017 so we're having a pretty long engagement!
  • We started dating (and met!) on April 28th 2014, and he proposed on 3/26/2016, so 1 year 11 months!
  • He proposed March 2016, after 6 years and 9 months together ☺️
  • driddrid member
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    Almost five years! And the last year was him secretly planning to propose during our Europe trip while I was giving him heck for not proposing yet (I was that girl, unfortunately) and he had me totally snowed!
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  • A month shy of two years!  (And it looks like it'll be a pretty long engagement -- about 20 months.)

  • We met February 2014 but didn't start dating until March 2014. He proposed September 24 2016 so 2.5 years. We are looking at a 2018 wedding so in total it will be 4-4.5 years. 

    I met met him online through a dating site and we found out we lived 5 min from each other, went to the same school, go to the same Doctor, and his grand parents and my parents have mutual friends. So I guess we were meant to be
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