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how long did you date before he popped the question?


Re: how long did you date before he popped the question?

  • 3 years, almost to the day. We were away for the weekend to celebrate the anniversary, but our actual anniversary was 2 days after the proposal.
  • jenni1221 said:
    8 years and a complete shock!  while i hoped and assumed he would propose soon, he completely surprised me when he finally did it and i was even more surprised with the thought he put into the proposal. 
    Same here!  I was completely surprised when he finally proposed.  I had basically given up that it was ever going to happen and had come to be happy with how things were.  And then bam!
    Exactly! People of course always questioned our relationship, but we lived together and are happy so as much as I wanted to get married, I wasn't going to push him to do it.  
    We were almost the same. We were together 7 years. We had talked about getting married but never went ring shopping or anything. When he proposed I was shocked and the ring was beautiful. I was beginning to feel like Jennifer Aniston in He's Just Not That Into You.
  • Almost 8 years this time. I had found out about the ring accidentally, so I sort of knew it was coming, I guess, but in all honesty I didn't believe it anyway The actual proposal came almost six months later and was definitely a surprise.
    Apparently he had had another plan and had ordered the ring, but it didn't arrive on time, so he had to wait for another chance. (We were both really busy, I guess.)

    Previous engagement, about 10 months after meeting.
    [Deleted User]
  • Our first date was Aug. 3, 2012, he proposed Dec. 21, we got married Oct. 13.

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • A little over a year. Like 14 months. But we had started talking about it at like 5 months so I knew it was coming.
  • 1 year, 8 months...but living together for 9 months already.  Was surprised, but knew it was inevitable at some point. We're getting married in May!

  • Been together 2 years + 1 month. He hasn't officially proposed, but we went shopping for the ring together and purchased it this last Sunday. He's trying to plan a special proposal. We also already have an 8 month old daughter together. Our surprise miracle baby.
  • Been together 2 years + 1 month. He hasn't officially proposed, but we went shopping for the ring together and purchased it this last Sunday. He's trying to plan a special proposal. We also already have an 8 month old daughter together. Our surprise miracle baby.
  • 3 and a half yearsish. Knew it was coming at some point, but it came much sooner than I expected! He got home from deployment and asked my best friend to go with him to pick out a ring without me knowing. 
  • Dignity100Dignity100 Northeastern Ohio
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    It will be 6 years for us (we started dating end of Nov 2007) - he hasn't given me the ring yet, we've ordered it - told my family have yet to tell his.  We've known for awhile that we were going to get married, but there were reasons we wanted to wait - the timing now is so much better than it was a year ago!

  • A little over three years.
  • Three months :)

    We met in college and were good friends for those four years...We always "had a thing" for each other, but I was in a relationship with someone else.  Thankfully, that relationship ended ,9 days later my fiancé and I were dating, and 3 months after that he proposed.  

    When you know, you know.

  • We had been together for 11 months. That's not a lot of time compared to just about everyone else who replied but it felt like forever waiting for the proposal! haha
    AmyVee42nicemarmot[Deleted User]
  • We'd been together just under 2 years when he proposed.  He's in the military and had been deployed for 8 months, and we both said we wanted to go through a deployment together before being engaged.  He came home from his deployment just before Halloween, and he proposed while we were visiting his family in CA for Thanksgiving (at a winery in Napa valley - it was perfect). 
  • 2-3 years depending on what counts. :P We dated for 2 years in high school, broke up when I moved away for college and got back together January 7th of my junior year of college. He proposed on December 14th and it was a complete surprise. I found out later that he talked to my Dad in October and bought the ring an hour after getting his blessing. :) I'm so amazed and blessed to be marrying a wonderful man next year. :) 
  • We talked about it around 2.5 years into our relationship, he proposed on our 4 year dating anniversary, got married shortly before our 5 year dating anniversary. 
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  • natswildnatswild The F-f-f-rozen N-n-north (Northern Alberta)
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    He proposed 3 1/2 years after we met (3 days ago, woohoo!)

    [Deleted User]nicemarmot
  • He proposed ~4 years after we got together.  We had been living together for 3 years and have had a house for over a year.
    I knew it was coming but it was a complete surprise! 

  • We were together for 6 years 5 months minus a day thed ay he asked me. We had been talking about and sort of envisioning the day for a year and a half already. I suspected it might take place but he had made me believe it would be a few more months. I was shocked and extremely excited. It took a few days for it to settle!

  • We were together 15 months before he asked
  • 4 years. I knew he'd gotten the ring (he has NO poker face) but thought he'd propose on our "anniversary." I did my nails, spent the whole night sitting on my hands, and...nothing.

    Two weeks later he pops down on one knee while we're watching TV. *shrugs*
  • We were together just over a year and a half. We would have waited longer but we moved in together and my mom passed away so he felt like it was the right time to "put a ring on it" to not only show his support in our relationship, but also so the very conservative folks in our circles would hush up about our "living in sin." Ha! 

  • We had been together about 7 1/2 years when he proposed. For a while I was thinking, "Is it ever going to happen?" , but in January 2013 we started looking at rings, then again in the summer I picked out my setting I liked. More months came and went, and I really had forgotten about it. I just assumed he maybe would do it for Christmas. My birthday was Sept. 12, and he did it Sept 10 because he couldn't wait! lol. I was so shocked! He kept telling me stories about how he didn't like the place we went, and the lady kept ordering the wrong stones for him to look at. So he was really good at keeping it a secret.
    January we are celebrating 8 years, and I can't wait to start planning our day! :)

  • We had been dating for about 4 years. I had no clue it was coming. He actually pissed me off right before he asked. He was always really odd about holidays. He thought that couples who were just dating shouldn't spend holidays with eachother's families. One year he finally asked me to have Thanksgiving with his family. So we get there and he stops me and says "Maybe this isn't such a good idea. I mean we're not even engaged yet. Maybe we should just go home". So at that point I am livid. We were standing outside his parents house and I had a pie. Then he says "I guess we could fix it so that we can go in" and then he asked me.
  • We were together a little over 8 years when he proposed.  We started dating when we were 15 (neither of us ever dated anyone else).  Call it crazy but I knew even in high school he'd be the one, but we had a little bit more life to live.  I knew we'd get engaged but totally didn't see it coming when it happened! 
  • natswildnatswild The F-f-f-rozen N-n-north (Northern Alberta)
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    my updated answer is 3 years and 5 months :) Started dating August 2010, proposed December 23! :)

  • DH and I were together 1 month before he proposed. 
  • My fiancee and I had been dating for four years, one month and five days before he proposed. Of course, I knew that he had plans to propose, I knew about the ring (and to an extent, I was involved in that process), I even knew that the ring was finished after I accidentally stumbled upon it. However, he misled me (read: he lied to me) and said that he would be proposing in December 2013-January 2014, while we were traveling and that the only reason he was telling me this was so that I didn't spend months and months waiting for it. I had absolutely no idea that he was going to propose when he told me he needed a ride to the airport for work in August.
    The proposal story can be found on my wedding blog.
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    We have been together for 9 years. We have already done everything backwards so being engaged is exciting. 
  • We were together for 3 and a half years but we were best friends back in high school so we've known each other for a long time. I was CLUELESS, the proposal was a complete shock! We always talked about "someday when we got married" but there was never any actual talk of a proposal. I didn't even show him what ring I wanted..(good old pintrest) he looked on my dream wedding board and picked my favorite ring from there :)
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