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signature drink ideas????

my wedding colors are blue white black and silver. we are thinking of doing 2 to 3 signature drinks... does any one have any reccomendations?

Re: signature drink ideas????

  • We are doing a Mr. and Mrs. cocktail - it's my favorite drink and his favorite drink...those are our signature cocktails. it isn't 'color' related, but maybe purchase colored paper straws or something to go along with your color theme! hope this helps!
  • I would just do drinks you like and not worry about your wedding colors. You can bring color in with all your decorations. I'm always a fan of seasonal drinks. Think about your time of year and if you have the option of serving something hot like Irish coffee or a hot toddy or if it's in the summer something like a John Daly or Long Island.

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    I think this is wide open, but here are a few ideas--
    Aguas frescas or sangria--something really colorful and vibrant to add contrast

    Blueberry basil gin and tonic (see Thug Kitchen)--if you have gin lovers, it's fantastic

    Vodka is always a great option for mixers--white Russian, Black Russian, a "tini" made with blueberry, pomegranate, or some other bluish/purplish fruit.

    Hypnotiq cocktails

    Go by label names that match your colors --Johnny walker blue, grey goose, etc.

    ETA: I agree with southernbelle -- keep it seasonal too
  • Like Southernbelle said I wouldn't worry about your colors. Just go with drinks you like. We're going to have some sort of absinthe cocktail (still experimenting with that) because it is my fiance's favorite drink. If you really want to stick with colors White Russians are good, also there are tons of yummy cocktails that include blueberries
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