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Missing RSVP's!

Are you guys or did you guys not get alot of RSVP's back? I cannot believe the number of responses we didn't receive! It is the most irking thing of the entire wedding planning, in my opinion. My fiance and I decided that for the exception of a few close family members or people that told us their response, that if they did not respond, we are marking them as a no. We are a week and a half after our response deadline and I feel like it's rude for people to not respond by now. Plus, that means I would have to wait on starting my seating chart and making my centerpieces. I have to get started on those things. I just wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem.

Re: Missing RSVP's!

  • My RSVP date was this past Sunday. Give the people a call, I've called a couple people and they were planning on coming but had completely spaced on returning the RSVP card. I was so glad I called them and found out. I would recommend to do that for your guests. People get busy and forget things over the holidays.
  • I called or texted people I did not hear back from. There was a couple that told me they were coming. Most that did not respond were not coming. But I got back about 90% of my RSVPs by the deadline.
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  • AprilH81AprilH81 Columbus, OH member
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    You need to reach out to those who you did not hear back from, they may be coming and the Post Office ate the response (it has happened).  Or worse, maybe the Post Office ate the actual invitation and they don't think they were invited.

    Call them up and say "Hey John/Susie, how are you?  I'm just calling to see if you are planning on coming to the wedding, we need to finalize the head count for the caterer."  If you leave a message you can specify, if we don't hear back by "X" date we will have to put you down as a decline.

    On our end we are still waiting for 7 RSVP responses (out of 38 invites sent) but some people sent me a facebook message with their response because they lost the RSVP card. Our deadline is Monday so they still have a few days.
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  • I agree with AprilH81. We found out that several (8) people that didn't RSVP did not even receive an invitation! The post office lost them and the guest didn't know they were even invited! I was mortified and sent them replacement invitations. I'm so glad I emailed and called them!


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  • I had a batch of invites that I sent get lost, so that explained some RSVPs, but I had quite a few people that honestly just didn't bother.  And they were planning to come!  Definitely reach out to them, but it is so annoying.  It's like they don't respect brides when they don't respond.
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