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Decorating/lighting the North Park Lodge

I'm having my wedding at the North Park Lodge in September and I am trying to order lights now. Anybody have dimensions for the lodge? Or have any idea how many outlets I'm going to be working with?

Re: Decorating/lighting the North Park Lodge

  • Hey there!  I am having my wedding at the north park lodge this october.  I dont' have exact dimensions yet, just photos i took when i went to look at it but im thinking it wouldnt be a bad idea for us to connect via email or on here and share the info/ideas/strategies that we do come up with!  

    I did count 25 tables and seating for up to 90-100 people downstairs.  There weren't many outlets (my mom commented on that) and I'm also planning to hang a bunch of strung lights so I'll need to be going back for the same info you need as well and I am happy to share as I get it. 

    Are you doing a lot of DIY?  are you hiring a coordinator or decorating service?  
  • Check out my post here.... http://forums.theknot.com/discussion/1002967/budget-aka-cheap-nontraditional-venue

    I had my wedding there last Oct. We strung lights ourselves and brought a ladder, etc.

    There weren't very many outlets, but we did bring quite a few extension cords.

    Not sure on exact dimensions but we brought in tables and chairs (I didn't like the bright orange elementary school looking chairs they provide lol and you're not supposed to bring them upstairs...) We easily fit 10 60" rounds and a long catering table in the main center room - I would say there was room for a couple more tables easily. We used the side rooms for food, drinks, cake, etc. 
  • I just attended a wedding reception there in December, and they used a lot of uplighting - it was very dramatic and gorgeous!  They had white lights strung around the banisters leading down the stairs, but as far as the rooms themselves, it was just uplighting and candles on the tables.  
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  • Not to steal your post, but I am looking for a cheap venue and was wondering if they allow alcohol at the lodge?
  • Yes - it's only an additional $50 ($350 instead of $300) for the alcohol permit :) 
  • Hello! I'm also looking into the north park lodge for our wedding. I haven't been out there yet to look at it in person, but I was wondering if anyone who has been there knows if there is heating or air conditioning?  

    Also, does anyone know if there are any tables/ chairs already in the building, or would I need to look into renting those?
  • Lisa, they have cafeteria style tables and seating downstairs, but you cannot bring them upstairs. I would recommend renting your own.
  • Approximately how many people does the North Park Lodge hold?

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