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What did you get for your FI as a wedding gift?

I was thinking about boudoir photos, but am really interested in other ideas as well. I'm curious to hear ideas from others as to what they got their guys. Please share!

Re: What did you get for your FI as a wedding gift?

  • I got him a manga that he likes
  • We didn't exchange gifts.  Just never got around to it.  We each got some really nice pieces of jewelry on our honeymoon, so I guess that kinda makes up for it.
  • I want to get him a nice pair cufflinks, but I'm not sure what style.
  • emmyg65 said:

    I got him a wedding! And a really pretty ring, and a bitchin' honeymoon.

    I did boudoir photos (more for myself than for him) and it was totally fun and confidence-boosting. Definitely worth it,
    I paid for our wedding and HM too! I actually did get him another gift. I am a platinum Starwood Preferred Guest member so I redeemed points for a SPG member only concert to see his fav band in NYC. It was perfect timing as the concert was a month after our wedding.

    I'm thinking of doing boudoir photos for his b-day this June. I'm a whimp and feel like I won't be sexy enough, but I know he'll love them!


  • I'm thinking about getting Fi a vintage watch.
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  • I got him cufflinks engraved with our initials, and he got me pearl earrings.

    He was NOT interested in boudoir photos, at all. 

    I'm gonna go with 'not my circus, not my monkeys.'
  • Nothing.  Well I was the one who paid for tickets to the last Yankee home game at the old stadium.   

    He gave me a diamond bracelet. 

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  • We're planning to buy new bedroom furniture for our "big" gift to each other.

    On the day of, we'd like to exchange something smaller and more personal... I'm planning to get him a watch with something engraved and boudoir photos.  He's probaly expecting the first but will be very surprised by the second!


  • I got H nothing.  He got me nothing.  In fact wedding gifts to each other never even crossed our minds.  I guess the HM that we both put money towards could count.

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  • I don't plan on giving him anything.  I might write a love letter sort of thing to him, though.
  • I need an excuse to spoil FI and a wedding gift is the only way I can justify the expense. He's always wanted a fine fountain pen so I'm researching Montblanc right now. For no other occasion would I drop that much cash, so.... he gets me, and a pen.

    Should I give it to him early so he can address our invitations...?

  •      If we had done a local wedding, my gift was going to be booking his favorite (almost) local U2 cover band as entertainment for our reception. They cost a bit, but are really good and he's a big U2 fan. 

       The other thing he has really wanted was to get our parents and siblings to all do Disneyland together. Since we are having our wedding at Disneyland, immediate families only, I am purchasing a couple days tickets to the parks for most of our guest (small wedding, I only have to purchase 10), so our wedding is sort of a combined family vacation. 

      Lest someone accuse me of imposing a family vacation on everyone, I did check to make sure everyone was okay with this, there was no obligation if Disneyland wasn't someone's thing. Both our families go to Disneyland regularly and I have offered to pay for their lodging as well, although both of our parents and my sister family say they will cover their own. Both families are outspoken enough to let me know if anyone really wasn't interested!
  • My plan is going smaller, more sentimental gift.  I asked my seamstress to take the extra fabric of my dress and make that into pocket square he can wear that day with his tux and whenever else wants.
  • I got him a nice pocketwatch, he has wanted one for a long time and always carried around an old 15 dollar one so :) now he has a real one :)
  • Schatzi13 said:
    H's comment on this: "I'm getting you. What more would I want?"

    (stuck in box)

    That's what mine said, too :)

    I like the idea of boudoir photos, but like @emmyg65 mentioned, that would kinda be for myself as well...  who knows, I might still do them.

    I don't think FI and I will actually get each other anything - we're on the same page that "we're getting each other", and material gifts sort of pale in comparison and aren't necessary...  However, I did decide to write FI a journal for 1 year leading up to our wedding (9/13/13 - 9/13/14).  I'm not really sure what it's purpose is, but I'm using it as a way to reflect on our relationship and the life we are about to begin together.  It sounds dumb when I explain it, but for some reason I still want to complete it. 
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    I am getting him a pair of Maui Jim sun glasses. He had been wearing the same pair of Walmart sunglasses since college until they broke last month. So I think he deserves a nice pair! 

    This said, I don't expect him, to get me anything. I just love any reason to buy him a gift. FI is just so practical and refuses to spend much of anything on himself. 
  • A framed picture of our last name from that now hangs above our fireplace.
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  • Are you having a religious ceremony?  I got my husband a white gold chain with a cross - he wears it every day at all times.
  • I got him a Movado watch. It was an engagement gift though, not a wedding gift. I figured he got me a beautiful ring I should get him something nice which I knew he had been wanting.
  • My fiancé is getting cuff links he had on his Amazon wish list and this:
  • I'm thinking about getting him this.  He really, really wanted to put it on our amazon registry. 

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  • I'm getting mine an album from my boudoir shoot and a monogrammed flask filled with vodka.
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  • We talked about it and were planning to get each other gifts, but then H got laid off just a few weeks before our wedding and money got really really tight and didn't loosen up again until several months after the wedding, so it never happened.  It was no big deal.
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    I don't think I'm getting him anything. I purchased his ring this weekend and that's about it. I'd rather spend more on the honeymoon, although I know he'd love an LV wallet that we just saw.
  • I don't think my fiance is aware that we get each other gifts. He gave me a look when I mentioned bridal party gifts. I'm getting him boudoir photos. 
  • I'm getting FI an action figure bust he has been eyeing for years at the local comic book shop.  He has a man cave in our house with his comic collectables so it'll be the perfect show piece for the room.

    He made a comment the other day about how he thought someone would have bought it for him by now "cough, cough".  I had to bite my tounge as I have been planning to do this for 1.5 years.  It's the thing he's wanted most and there's not a bigger occasion than your wedding.  So it's perfect!

  • We will not be doing gifts. There may be letters, but we may decide to just put those in a box for later. Neither of sees the point of gifts after paying for the wedding and getting our rings together. The rings are our gift, if anything.
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