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Thankful Registry/ My Registry/Simple Registry/Zola- anyone use? which is best?

Hi there:
One of those couples who already has a lot of stuff & lives together . We like the idea of being able to pick and choose from a few different places. I've seen all of these sites Thankful Registry/ My Registry/Simple Registry/Zola that let you pull from different sites -- they all seem the same. Anyone use? Reviews? Pros/ Cons? Help! Discuss!

Re: Thankful Registry/ My Registry/Simple Registry/Zola- anyone use? which is best?

  • I have not heard of any of those except for Zola, which I have not used.  You can always use the Amazon universal registry feature, which allows you to add items from any site to your registry.  Since Amazon has been around for a while, I would feel more comfortable using that.
  • I'll also second Amazon, I don't know much about the others, but I know Amazon has like, no fees.

  • No exp with the ones you mentioned but I'll third amazon. We are using it as one of three. It has a universal feature that let's you add anything from any website. So if you want two or three things for on a sporting goods store, you can add them via amazon along with one or two kitchen upgrades from another store or anything on amazon itself. FI is an amazon nut so it helped draw him in. We also both really wanted to see reviews and know our selections are quality products. It also let's you prioritize items and add comments. Only downside, which you would encounter with the other sites too, is if you have an older crowd who may not be tech savvy.
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    I have not used any, but went to a shower once for someone who used  As a guest i was not a fan of this site. The reason I didn't like it was because you click on the item, which brings you to the outside site to purchase the gift, but you then have to go back to the myregistry to manually mark it as purchased.  I was forced to enter my name and information, as well as tracking information/confirmation number for the item I purchased.    I would rather my gift be left anonymous until the shower when she opened it.
  • We used but also had a registry through pottery barn.  Unfortunately I found out my friend only put the information on shower invites (not her fault, my mom neglected to tell her about pottery barn) and some people have found it confusing.  I wish I had realized that had the universal feature at the time- I would have used that instead.
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    Seems like Amazon is the winner among the comments! Did anyone also do the Honeymoon Fund on any sites?

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