How many hydrangeas for a one liter mason jar

I was wondering how many hydrangeas people would suggest putting into a 1 liter mason jar for center pieces. I was thinking one with green foliage and perhaps some baby's breath. Suggestions?

Re: How many hydrangeas for a one liter mason jar

  • If you do it short so that basically it's sitting on top of the jar I think one will be ok, but if you plan on having it more like a vase I think one might look lost. I would recomment 3 because then they will fall nicely & 2 would look odd. I heard a florist once say in odd numbers.

  • One will not be enough unless it is a huge hydrangea.  I would skip the baby's breath and just use 3 hydrangea stems.  Just remember that depending on the hydrangea the heads could be small or ridiculously large so I would order some extras just in case.  Then fill in any bare space with some greenery like seeded eucalyptus, salal leaves or pittosporum.

  • I agree. Some hydrangea stems are very clustered and big. If that's the case 1-2 stems per vase should do. The smaller the cluster, the more stems per vase you will need. :)
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