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Should I change my ring from 6 prongs to 4 prongs?

The one thing that always bothered me was how the diamonds on the setting are set in 4 prongs, but the center is set in 6. I'm due for a prong check & rhodium plating, so I wanted to hear your opinions & maybe see some of your rings that look similar.

Re: Should I change my ring from 6 prongs to 4 prongs?

  • I would talk to your jeweler before you make any decisions.  Your diamond may have been put into a 6-prong setting for a reason.  Six prong settings are actually very classic for a round diamond and not only offer security for the diamond but also to enhance the cut of the diamond.

    Here is a picture of a ring similar to yours where the center stone has 6 prongs and the band has 4 prongs holding the smaller diamonds.

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     My round diamond has 4 prongs. In the 3 years I have had it, the diamond has been tighten twice because it started to wiggle. I would ask a jeweler before doing anything.

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    No!  The four prong setting was popular in the 1970's, but it is not very secure.  If you damage just one prong, your stone can fall out!  I had my solitaire changed to a six prong one later when I learned this.
  • Stick with the 6 prong. Far more secure. My sapphires in my ring are 4 prong, and I once had two of them loose. Like, I could wiggle the damn stone. Don't risk it.

  • The center stone has six prongs because it is valuable and needed to be secure. It is the classic Tiffany setting, btw. The smaller stones are less valuable so have four prongs. If you really want four prongs, make sure you get a basket head as those prongs are shorter and thus the stone is more secure in the basket. AND YOUR RING IS GORGEOUS!!!
  • Thanks for the advice ladies! I'm going to keep it the way it is. I appreciate all the help & compliments! I wasn't sure how to reply to all of you at once, but I hope you get this.
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