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Lamb and Duck for the Reception Dinner?


Re: Lamb and Duck for the Reception Dinner?

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    amelisha said:
    I don't really have any input on what you should choose, but I am also shocked that either of those are considered "adventurous"...I mean, they're on the menu almost everywhere. I have a duck in my freezer right now, even.

    I mean, the majority is saying this and obviously that's what you should be listening to, but it seems crazy to me that people don't eat these things. Really?

    I suppose it's got to be a regional thing or something, but I live in Prairie Canada, the equivalent of the American Midwest, where men wear cowboy hats in public, so I am kind of flabbergasted that this is the case.
    Yes, really, people don't eat duck or lamb.  I have tried lamb and was not amazed.  And I am not a fan of rare to medium rare meat and since that is typically how duck is cooked I am not going to eat it.

  • JennyColadaJennyColada Awesometown, CA member
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    I used to not like lamb. I had it once and thought it tasted really game-y (which is odd though, since I like venison!). So I decided for years that I didn't like lamb, but I had it again recently-ish (with in the past year) and actually really like it and the flavor isn't at all how I remember.

    But that being said, it's not a very common protein to see. I'm not quite sure why exactly. I suppose there is less of a supply of lamb and duck, at least in the US (I suppose due to the lack of demand?). Even in the grocery stores you're generally lucky to see duck breast for sale and generally only the larger grocery stores will sell rack of lamb.
  • I love lamb and I love duck so I would be a happy camper at your wedding for sure!
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